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Freitag, 28. bis Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017

Spiritual, energetic and emotional dynamics of dominance and submission

What is hidden in our deepest vaults and what happens if we uncover and unleash what we encounter there?

{photo credits: taste-of-taboo / Martin Peterdamm}

How are the polarities of male and female mirrored on different levels of interaction; spiritually, energetically, emotionally, sensually as well as physically?

What channels of contact and play can we establish and how do we define the boundaries needed to create a safe wide pleasurable field of play with giving and receiving, male and female and ultimately dominance and submission?

And how do we direct these dynamics on both sides as partners towards a journey that can be a place of healing and evolving?


The seminar will take place in four main explorations:

Through mediation and energy treatments we'll dive into the deepest vault of your powers, the deep and fine, the raw and hidden, the powerful and the forbidden. We'll established self contact and you'll meet your inner healer as well as your inner demon to uncover the powers you'd so far dare not face. This meditation will evolve further throughout the seminar, as self-awareness will fuel the exploration.

Equipped with this core-dynamics we'll establish a ground to experience the dynamics of polarities in a safe way by working on contact channels, bridges and connection points within the body, becoming aware of, acknowledging and communicating our boundaries as well as understanding the different encounter dynamics of rejection or receiving, enduring or inviting, armoring or dearmoring. Understanding and practicing with these dynamics will facilitate the trust and respect that form the foundation for healing and evolving in this way of interacting. We investigate and play with the expression and expansion of boundaries and contact, creating first experience that will later guide us deeper into skillful and responsible ways of polarity play.

We then add the spice to the soup by exploring our unique polarity/polarities. We travel into the full depth and power a polarity can hold and work through our possible ambivalence, blockages and fears towards unfolding and empowering the polarity we find most suitable and challenging and seductive. Through small practical exercises well experience the full powerful field in embodiment of our polarity; and how even minor gestures, breathing rhythms, voice but also touch, movement and posture can have a strong impact to push your counterpart deeper into the other polarity and the play will become an artful interaction.

Finally we'll take all these discoveries to the level of dominance and submission. Very naturally we give a guided and guarded space to explore through energy consciousness, emotional awareness and natural physical expression; with our eyes, voice, posture, breathing, hands, feet, muscles we are discovering the pleasure of dominance and submission. We'll explore the ways a dominant can circle and capture and exercise control over a submissive counterpart and also discover how submission can invite dominance in an empowering and delicious way. In all this we'll speak and play with our bodies, souls and hearts without additional tools or equipment needed. The exploration to play safely with pain, sensory deprivation and edging will give some further ground to play. We'll travel outside of clichés and roles but fuelled by the discoveries we made so far on our journey we find authentic and effective ways to experience the abundance of polarity play.


This workshop aims to facilitate awareness, guided first practices and a safe explorative space. The framework of the workshop will be very structured with a variety of modules. So the participants can explore in a contained manner, step by step to handle these dynamics consciously and safely. There will be a distinct final closure of the workshop in which everyone will be set down safely, sane and hopefully enriched.

This Exploration is based on a decade of my experience in body psychotherapy/bodywork and my personal background as a switch in different fields of encounter with strong polarities. Through a variety of tantric and encounter based theories, I have been able to deepen my understanding of polarities and combine them with bodywork to a unique explorative journey.

You are invited to experience a set of bodywork elements, that include for example awareness of breathing, energy, tension but will also physical exploration of contact qualities that mirror in the interaction of eyes, body posture, voice and touch. As boundaries are essential for contact, you will be guided through short units of bodywork with different training partners, but you can adjust the level of intimacy, depth and closeness accordingly with what is fitting for you with that particular counterpart. Openness to explore the physical expression of polarities is, however, advisable.

In the seminar you will work in settings alone, in pairs, in triangles and thereby get plenty of opportunity to make a whole range of experiences with different people to investigate your own variety. Essential to me is to support your inner growth and flow. The modules will be in each of the four explorations: Meditation, energy treatment and energy movement, lecturing, guided structured practise and mini-sessions.
Through the days following I'll offer individual sessions for couples or singles around the theme of polarity play, dominance and submission to deepen the work or follow an impulse. Those can be booked in addition to the weekend-workshop.

playfield structure

7:30am morning meditation

8:30 am-10am breakfast

10am - 2pm morning practise

2pm-5pm midday break/integration

5pm-9pm evening practise

9 pm dinner and night relaxation

registration & arrival

Sign-up using the below button. The cost of the workshop is €80 plus venue costs (accommodation and full board) at a sliding scale: €108 (standard), €144 (supportive), €72 (low-budget - by application only). The venue costs can also be paid as part of Juicy Community Experience if you are staying longer in the valley.

To reserve your spot there is a deposit of 50% of total costs required. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable, however, in case that you cannot attend and notify us no later than 2 weeks in advance of your arrival date, you can forward the deposit towards your future activities in Valle de Sensaciones.

Arrival for the workshop between 3pm - 6pm on Friday the 28th July.

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Tantra and Conscious Sensuality

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Summer of Eros

Tantra and Conscious Sensuality

2. Juli bis 15. September 2017

We invite you for two and a half months of events and living together in nature, exploring authentic connections and welcoming juicy adventures. Join week-long deep-dive trainings, weekend workshops or community living in the field of Eros throughout the whole summer.