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William Woodworm

Craftman with impetus and vitality

William quit his carpentery cause it all seemd to stressy and senseless. He is happy being able to work without pressure on thrilling projects. Because of his experience he identifies the tasks on his own and is able to cover them professionally in short time. For him it is easy to get 5 marbles of the Apparatus comunitus creativus. Additionally he gets an elemental marble from the team many time, valorating his amazing input on all levels. Next to the 3 daily marbles for the basic participation, he enjoys a massage of a participant for 1 marble frequently, endores one to the musicians some and when and turns the rest into a little money whenever he visits the bar in the nearby village.
By the way: When William got in contact through our website, we offered him 10 white marbles so he can integrate with tranquility and without costs.

Costs: none

Experienced constructors, gardeners, permaculturists,... might make a similar experience.