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Kerstin Knowhow

Concentrating on the learning experience

Kerstin aims to live in community and close to nature one day. For that reason she wants to concentrate on a rich learning experience here in Valle de Sensaciones.
Kerstin aims to be involved in practice works as much as possible, which she chooses consciously having her interested and learning potential in mind. She is conscious that this way she is not always of help.
For her work collaboration she use to get 1 or 2 marbles a day. On weekends she use to take part in the interesting workshops, and on some days she even gathers marbles with others for enjoying a personalised course.

standard of living low budget - by application only standard supportive
Costs per week (estimation): 14 to 21 marbles 112€ - 168€ 168€ - 252€ 224€ - 336€