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Building and Community

Monday, March 27 till Friday, June 30 of 2017

Full-power spring time

We are calling in high-level crafts people, builders and persons with expertise in the areas of:
-natural building
-alternative energy

If you have no expertise in any of the above but you have good practical skills, consider yourself a handy person, can self manage then we might also consider your participation.


-minimum stay of 3 weeks,
-expertise / previous experience with hands-on work in one of the above categories
-self-managing ability and ability to finish projects within a time-frame
-comfortable with living in nature
-open for living in community

Please see more at our Professional Supporters offer.

This event is part of...

Spring of Creativity

Construction, permaculture and community life

March 27 - June 30, 2017

We are calling in creative and active people who would like to work inside the community context to help us build up for the Summer of Eros 2017 activities.

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