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Creative June

Friday, 2. till Friday, 30. of June, 2017

Artists Residency

June is dedicated to fine-tuning of the valley for the "Summer of Eros" activities.

We welcome inspired creators and artists working with sculptures, recycled material, wood, mosaics, paintings, crafts who would like to create pieces and decorate the valley in the theme of Eros and erotic art.

Live and work in the valley, experience community, create your own pieces inspired by the surroundings and magic of the valley.

Please provide your proposal and examples of previous art after signing-up through our website.

-inspired to create art and installations on the subject of Eros
-expertise / previous experience working with the materials of your choice
-portfolio and ideas in resonance with our image and field
-self-managing ability and can finish projects within a time-frame of one month
-comfortable with living in nature
-communitarian at heart.

Spring of Creativity

March 27 - June 30, 2017
Construction, permaculture and community life

We are calling in creative and active people who would like to work inside the community context to help us build up for the Summer of Eros activities. Together we will build up a creative and productive field, while reflecting and defining the right frame to support individual processes, team work, communal spirit and mutual inspiration.

Professional supporters and builders which we are currently inviting would have one of these skills:
- carpentry and wood-works,
- conventional building and construction,
- permaculture,
- natural building (currently looking for expertise in compost toilets),
- or sustainable technology (currently looking for expertise in water heating systems).

You will be able to cover your stay with us, experience living community, spend beautiful time in an artistic natural environment and earn yourself some credit towards workshops of your choice or simple relaxed time in the valley.

Beyond the work contexts other issues might enter the focus:
What is the right balance between work and retreat?
Do I work in a sustainable way for my own personal needs and the needs of others?
How can a community support individual creative processes?
What are my personal needs as a creative person or activist in the community context?

Registration and Arrival

To register your interest: sign up for our website, create a profile sharing about your skills and contact us through your account. We will communicate with you via this website, so please check your account for our response.

Arrival days are Monday and Friday each week.

Login needed for signup

For signup you need to enter our website. A simple "I join" button appears on each event as soon as you are logged in.

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Spring of Creativity

Construction, permaculture and community life

March 27 - June 30, 2017

Creativity will be spread throughout the valley whilst we live in community.