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Creative June

Friday, 2. till Friday, 30. of June, 2017

Artists Residency

June is dedicated to fine-tuning of the valley for the "Summer of Eros" activities.

We welcome inspired creators and artists working with sculptures, recycled material, wood, mosaics, paintings, crafts who would like to create pieces and decorate the valley in the theme of Eros and erotic art.

Live and work in the valley, experience community, create your own pieces inspired by the surroundings and magic of the valley.

Please provide your proposal and examples of previous art after signing-up through our website.

-inspired to create art and installations on the subject of Eros
-expertise / previous experience working with the materials of your choice
-portfolio and ideas in resonance with our image and field
-self-managing ability and can finish projects within a time-frame of one month
-comfortable with living in nature
-communitarian at heart.

This event is part of...

Spring of Creativity

Construction, permaculture and community life

March 27 - June 30, 2017

We are calling in creative and active people who would like to work inside the community context to help us build up for the Summer of Eros 2017 activities.

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