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Juicy Community Experience

Monday, July 17 till Sunday, September 17 of 2017

Open Living Celebrating Eros in Community and Nature

Real life explorations start after workshops!

You are invited for an edge-cutting experimental field of New Culture and community at Valle de Sensaciones (valley of sensations) Ecovillage Laboratory, Southern Spain. This is a meeting point for new sex-positive culture inviting people from different paths of community living, ecovillages, polyamory, free love, tantra, conscious BDSM and other modern sexual and sensual explorers.

We invite you to explore your Eros - the authentic erotic and life force energy - with awareness and intentions. There will always be facilitators and practitioners offering daily private and group sessions to dive deeper into the subjects.

A typical day at the valley during the Summer of Eros has its rhythm and a lot of space for free flowing and celebration. Spiritual and embodied practices of various traditions are encouraged and integrated into our field. The activities emerge from the group dynamic. Participants with relevant skills can also offer their sessions and gifts related to our explorations. The group process is supported by daily community building sessions, which is the only thing in the day we ask you to attend. Stay tuned, we will soon publish a suggested daily rhythm!

At Valle de Sensaciones our motto is ‘creativity in sensual contact with nature’. Besides the community and self-exploration aspects we also invite you to discover yourself as an erotic artist inspired by nature and sensuality.

The valley is a clothing optional space where nudity is welcomed. It offers mud baths, fresh water pool, outdoor workshop spaces, sound system, many beautiful nature love spaces, private massage and session space, compost toilets :-), creative community living games, mountain walks, art and inspiration, sacred spaces (Medicine Wheel, Moon Temple, ...) and much much more.

Requirements to participate

- Previous experience: You have either attended one of our workshops offered throughout the Summer of Eros or you have previously attended one of these courses / have an experience with one of the teachers / schools / communities: Tamera Community Course or Love School, ISTA trainings or any trainings led by ISTA faculty, Zegg courses or residency, Conscious Sensuality (Robert Silber), Magic of Love, OSHO community experience, Authentic Eros (Ruby May) or any other course which might be relevant in exploring Eros in the context of community;
- Comfortable with living in nature;
- Willing to make a commitment to participate in daily community building sessions like Forums and Sharing Circles - this is the only daily obligatory meeting to attend;
- Openness for Life in Community, willing to contribute to daily community tasks;
- Comfortable with nudity.


Juicy Community Experience includes communally cooked delicious and high vibrational food, accommodation in artistic and nature spaces, all facilities in the valley, daily morning practices (yoga etc), daily community building time (obligatory to attend), dance, life music, DJ parties and much much more. It excludes workshops, private sessions and group sessions led by professional facilitators - these are optional to attend and contributions will be decided by whoever offers the sessions.

You are welcome to join us for any period of time and we also encourage longer participation which catalysis community creation and takes you much deeper into the experience.

Early Bird (available until 2nd June):

14 days stay - 500 €
28 days stay - 900 €

Regular (from 3rd of June):

14 days stay - 600 €
28 days stay - 1080 €

You are welcome to join us for shorter times using this sliding scale daily suggested donation guide:

64 € supportive
48 € standard,
32 € low-budget - limited number of spaces available by application only

Registration & Arrival

Register on our website by signing up and filling in the registration form below.

To Register fully you are asked to make a deposit of 50% after your application has been approved. This deposit is non-refundable however in case that you cannot attend and notify us no later than 2 weeks in advance of your arrival date, you can forward the deposit towards your future activities with us.

Arrival days are any Monday or Friday from the 17th July until 17th September.

Summer of Eros

July 2 - September 15, 2017
Tantra and Conscious Sensuality

This summer, for the first time, Valle de Sensaciones is producing a sensational immersion into the lands of Eros. Together with world-renowned teachers, facilitators and guides of tantra, sexual shamanism, conscious sensuality, polyamory relationships, heart-connected, authentic and nature inspired intimate relations we present you two months of juicy adventures.

This is a play-time, this is an experimental adult playground, a laboratory of community turned on at heart, a tribal journey with erotic energies and life-force of creativity, two months of festivity with gods and goddesses. Find empowerment by living your full potential and celebrating life. Find a paradisiac place on earth where human interactions are authentic, hot and soul nourishing.

The valley itself offers: sex-positive and nudity welcoming space, perfect micro-climate and ideal summer weather, accommodation in nature including tree and clay houses, mud baths, fresh water pool, SPA complex, outdoor workshop spaces, many beautiful nature love spaces, private massage and session spaces, permaculture gardens, compost toilets, creative community living games, mountain walks, art and inspiration, sacred spaces (Medicine Wheel, Moon Temple, ...) and much much more.

Join for week-long or weekend courses, or stay longer and live the community life in the field of Eros.

Enjoy our offerings for this summer ...

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Summer of Eros

Tantra and Conscious Sensuality

July 2 - September 15, 2017

We invite you for two and a half months of events and living together in nature, exploring authentic connections and welcoming juicy adventures. Join week-long deep-dive trainings, weekend workshops or community living in the field of Eros throughout the whole summer.