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Equinox Celebration

Thursday, 21. Sep. 2017

Cacao ceremony and wild autumn part

You are invited for a beautiful night at the community sharing a cacao ritual and dancing your heart out.

Bring a dish to share.

Arrival & introduction tour 6pm
Cacao ceremony and sharing circle 8pm
Wild dancing - celebration of the Equinox until ~ 2pm

Suggested donation:
25 euro for the evening
40 euro if you want to stay for the night and leave next day after breakfast

To continue living with us for a couple of days or weeks please check out this event:

This event is part of...

Autumn of Harvest

Join as an Eros Lab participant, exchange work or give a professional hand

September 21 - December 22, 2017

Harvesting the fruits of our first Summer of Eros. Enjoying their juicy sweet pulp and picking the seeds for the upcoming seasons.
Harvesting fruits of lush valley: Grapes, Almonds, Pomegranates, Figs and Olives.

We will also be working on preparing the valley for the winter and adding new constructions to the infrastructure: Woodwork, clay construction, green building, eco-technologies and permaculture. Welcome to experienced and also interested people.

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