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Artist Residency

Monday, July 17 till Sunday, September 17 of 2017

For erotic and nature inspired art creators

We are looking to move some creative and artistic energy in the valley during the Summer of Eros. The exchange is for you to leave your art pieces in the Valley and facilitate workshops for others on the themes of sensuality, body positivity, sexuality etc.

A number of artists residencies available for nature inspired creators working with clay, sculpture, recycled material, wood, mosaic, paintings, crafts and installations. Live and work in the valley, experience community, create your own pieces inspired by the surroundings and magic of the valley.

Accommodation in nature, food and community experience provided. We provide workshops space, tools and the basic raw materials already available or in use at the valley, mostly recycled. We might have a small budget for other necessary items for your creations. Please let us know in advance.

We ask you to facilitate min two sessions a week to stimulate creative processes in the group.

Please send your proposal along with the application if this is of interest.

-passionate about erotic art and/or art in nature
-expertise / previous experience working with the materials of your choice
-portfolio and ideas in resonance with our image, vision, mission and field
-self-managing ability and can finish projects within a timeframe of one month
-experience facilitating art processes or teaching creativity
-comfortable with living in nature and in sex-positive environment
-communitarian at heart
-minimum stay 2 weeks

To apply please fill in the signup form below and email examples of your previous creations and a short description of why you would like to join us to

This event is part of...

Summer of Eros

Tantra and Conscious Sensuality

July 2 - September 15, 2017

We invite you for two and a half months of events and living together in nature, exploring authentic connections and welcoming juicy adventures. Join week-long deep-dive trainings, weekend workshops or community living in the field of Eros throughout the whole summer.

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