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Free your Heart! in Paradise

Thursday, 24. till Thursday, 31. of August, 2017

A Magical Celebration of Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sexuality and Nourishing Nature

Magic of Love presents:
A 7-day Free your Heart! in paradise - Spain
~ A Magical Celebration of Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sexuality & Nourshing Nature ~

Picture this... Imagine yourself in a warm, sunny place, surrounded by nature. Going for a swim in the pool, discover the eco-community and meditating in the energetical pyramid. A group of loving, open, sensual, beautiful and curious tribe around you. Discovering your edges in intimacy and sexuality in conscious, guided and safe meditations during the day and evening....

How would you feel?

This Magical Celebration of Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sexuality & Nourshing Nature will take you on a journey. To love, relaxation, bliss, pleasure, opening, consciousness, relating, honesty, clarity, joy, bliss, trust and freedom. In your relationships, in your sexuality and mostly in yourself. We will celebrate with a maximum of 20 people in the beautiful eco-sex-positive community at Valle de Sensaciones. Daily morning, afternoon and evening meditations, temple nights, forgiveness meditations, massage, self-pleasure ritual, touch, vegan food and much more yumminess (have we mentioned the pool yet...? :))
Join the celebration! ♥

How happy, content and free are you in your (intimate love) relationships? In your sexuality now?

What would happen if you answer the following questions in total honesty with yourself?

- Can you let go of your expectations?
- Do you want your relationships to be a little different?
- Do you want to change your partner?
- How much do you really Love your partner?
- Can you fully accept and Love your partner unconditionally?
- Can you accept yourself unconditionally?

Are you brave enough to forgive?

As children we were open, full of love and trust, and then we got hurt. We have had the tendency to blame others, the opposite sex, our parents or our friends for this pain. This blame is blocking our hearts. In order to love again, we want to forgive everyone that has ever hurt us. Especially ourselves...

With different meditations we will have the chance to forgive others and ourselves and to come back to Love and Trust again.

Iin a safe and supportive environment we will start the journey of sexual healing by connecting, trusting and listening to the wisdom of our bodies. The sensations in our body are signs which tell us how we really feel and what we really want. We will learn to recognize and set our personal boundaries. We will re-connect to our creative life force energy also known as sexual energy.

Do I blame my beloved?

Our relationships are the best platform for growth; it challenges us because our partner is our mirror and therefore our reflection. With discovering what reactions and themes our partner(s) trigger within us, we actually discover our own blind spots. With revealing our blind spots we are healing and growing within ourselves. The conscious way of relationships is not to blame our partner and to be grateful for the opportunities to expand.

Can I allow myself to be vulnerable?

Being vulnerable is the only way to experience the intimate Love relationship we really want. When we are allowing ourselves to fully relax, when we are totally honest with our expressions, our fears, when we are exposed, open and vulnerable, this is when we are most true to ourselves and our connections deepen.

There is an almost endless list of questions we can ask ourselves:
- How natural is my sexuality?
- What are my sexual conditions?
- What did I learn - and from where - about intimate Love relationships and about making Love?
- Where did I gather my information from: pornography, my parents and religion?
- How free do I feel in my sexuality?
- What do I really know about sexuality?
- How content do I feel with my sex life?
- How are my orgasms?

When we understand our sexual conditioning and how much our sexuality is suppressed since our childhood, we can be compassionate and patient with our partners and ourselves. We learn to re-connect to our sexual energy, which is the most powerful, beautiful and creative life energy.

Are you ready to embrace your Greatness?

The energy we call sexual energy is our life energy. As life is created within the sexual act, this energy is seen as the source of our creativity. Sexual/life energy is creating, healing, loving, empowering, manifesting and all we set our mind to. Can you imagine yourself using this energy in all other aspects of your life, fullfilling your dreams, stepping back into your own power? We will go deeper by releasing shame, guilt and fears from our bodies and with this allowing ourselves to be who we really are—powerful, sexual and loving human beings.

Part of the practices and methods we will learn and experience in the course are:
- Life coaching & emotional release techniques
- 3 Forgiveness Meditations
- SYD (Slow Yoga Dance) Meditation
- Sexual Healing with conscious boundaries awareness
- Relationships based on freedom & empowerment
- Intimacy & Conscious Sensuality
- Self pleasure ritual & Tantric Massage
- Breathing and sublimation techniques
- Sacred Tantra meditations & rituals

Guarantee yourself a spot by transfering 400eur to Amit Goldenberg at Paypal, description: Magic of Love Spain

Please contact us for application and questions at or send an e-mail to

This retreat takes place in the beautiful valley of Valle de Sensaciones in the south of Spain. It's a paradise in raw nature; an open eco-village and community. The location has incredible outdoor sleeping arrangements, a pool, plenty of resting areas and we have an energetical pyramid as Meditation Temple.

Valle de Sensaciones,
18448 Cádiar
Granada, Spain


‘This weekend opened my heart in a way that can not be closed, I am very grateful for finding out I am capable of unconditional love and I can experience this through all of my life. ~ Kees Schenk

‘I feel a deep connection with my self. It's meeting with Peacefulness, Silence, and in the same time Excitement and Enthusiastic from every little experience of my life.’~ Amit Goldenberg

‘This workshop was the key to a hidden door, giving me faith in people and in life. I could let go of my obsession for love.’ ~ Noam Cohen Raz

‘After the workshop I felt a transformation that helped me to get answers to questions I had about myself. I feel forever different. I understood, I felt what it's like to feel peaceful inside. I learned to love myself for the divine being that I am. I recommend this workshop to anyone who has questions about themselves.’ ~ Cat Griffith

The retreat is facilitated by the Magic of Love core team: Nadav Or, Karlijn Kabira, Ananda & Jura Glo

Nadav Or (Generous of Light in Hebrew), was born in Israel and lived there until 2010. After 18 years of being a teacher and 10 years of spiritual practice (Humanication, Osho groups and NLP coaching), Nadav has started to share his knowledge and experience by facilitating self-realization workshops, Tantra workshops and providing life coaching in Israel, India and Europe. Seven years ago he had a glimpse of his eternal true self, as the consciousness that he is, and since then he dedicates his life to sharing this awakening to Love and Freedom with the world.
Nadav is the founder of Magic of Love!

What others say about Nadav:
"Just being in his prescence and I can easily touch the stillness, the peaceful place in myself, relaxed, powerful, full of love and joy - feels like my true self..."

Karlijn Kabira is an open, intuitive, honest, expressive free spirit with a passion for self realization, personal transformation and consciousness. She holds a MSc in Psychology, is a certified Tantra and Hatha Yoga Teacher and has a background in leadership development and change management. She has been teaching Tantra and Personal Transformation workshops at Magic of Love Globally since 2014. She creates a down-to-earth, intuitive and humorous spiritual path for herself and others combining western and eastern philosophies and techniques.

What others say about Kabira:
“I felt your dedication, strength, compassion, empathetic and full presence with all your grace, intelligence wisdom, beauty, and awareness to the healing process. I am deeply touched."

Magic of Love workshops are based on OSHO's Teachings, workshops and Meditations, Tantra, Yoga, "Humanication" workshops, NLP, Life coaching, Eckhart Tolle's teachings, Shamanic sexual healing, Kaballah, Buddhism and own life experiences. We want to personally ask and encourage you to be a part of the world’s awakening to love. Share and invite your friends to this workshop, so that they too can have the chance to join us and come back to Love, Trust and Freedom!



"Be the change you want to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi).

Looking forward to see you!

Thank you and Namaste
Magic of Love ♥

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