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Basic contribution

What's the cost of joining the community experience?

For joining the Community experience there is a basic contribution. This includes the costs of living and using the entire place, its educational and artistic infrastructure, and the basic facilitation of the communal processes.
As we are interested in living in a more stable group context, we offer reduction for long term participation.

The basic contribution starts at 6 marbles per day: 36 € (reduced: 24 €, supportive 48 €)
It rises as signups are coming in, till a maximum of 66 € (reduced: 44 €, suportive 88 €) for last available places.
The earlier you sign up the cheaper it will get.

Find out if to pay normal, reduced or supportive.

For joining the workshops an additional contribution is requested, please see Event description to find out. Full or at least partial participation in the weekend workshops offered by the Valle de Sensaciones team is usually requested for staying in tune with the communal dynamic.
When joining on longer term you are asked to contribute 50% on your second workshop, while any further workshops are for free. This reduction is not applying to workshops offered by 3rd parties, which are usually optional for long term participants.

Work exchange

To skilled candidates or long term participants of at least 3 weeks we might also offer to join our flexible work exchange program. Once you are accepted, we invite you to arrive on Friday usually (please refer to events listings for exact arrival days) and participate in a workshop to get started in the community life and Eros Lab field. This includes minimum monetary contribution for 3 nights plus workshop contribution. From Monday onwards you would be introduced to the work exchange programme which involves entering a system of our internal economy called the Marble Game Please read here to find out more about the Marble Game.