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Apparatus comunitus creativus

Trade of marbles balances economy and activities

The Marble Game provides flexibility and transparency in the economic dynamics inside the Laboratory. It balances the contribution brought in by money, work or other activities and capacities in relation to the benefits received. It has an approach of a game through which we are all brought to reflections about our contribution to the world, its value, our choice of work etc. Have fun and play the game lightly!

With the help of the Marble Game also the participants who aim for a work exchange can still dedicate themselves flexibly and spontaneous to activities they like: creative projects, daily tasks (land, garden, building), workshops, music, massages, relaxation etc.. Also they can choose between works which giving a maximum payback, or activities which offer a maximum of learning experience or enjoyment. The financial contribution to the project adjusts itself by the means of marbles automatically. As result it is possible to participate with a mix of financial and work contribution, sometimes also for free, or rarely to even gain little pocket money if the commitment is accordingly.

While the team members and collaborators are all joining the Marble Game, we also integrate participants when requested, depending on their professional capacities and length of stay. For that we request a minimum stay of 3 weeks, or just 1 week in case you bring relevant professional capacities in crafts (carpintary, construction, mecanics, etc.), gardening (permaculture, farming, etc.) or project organisation (facilitation, administration, marketing, etc.)

Like every community participants, also joining the Marble Game, you can freely choose your own personal daily course and be fully integrated into the community without distinguishing between different roles. All can flow naturally - on an individual and group level. This creates an ideal surrounding to experience real group dynamics together with all attendees and therefore learn self-responsibility while living together. Thanks to the Marble Game people with distinct backgrounds and expectations can come together on one plane. The united experience gives fertile breeding ground for self-realisation in the areas of creativity, spirituality and love, and sexuality.


Marbles symbolise the energy exchange between the participants and the project in a playful way.
Each participant can pick some of the many activities presented. At the same time, the marbles allow to recognise if the contribution to the project (in the form of money, work or other input) is fair according to the received benefit.
Each day 8 marbles (6 marbles in winter season) are taken from each participant as basic contribution for enjoying the space and the facilitation as also covering the costs. He has to take care that the personal stock never runs empty. As there are many ways of getting hold of marbles, taking part in this Laboratory is possible under very flexible conditions.

Nature marbles

Projects and tasks

Participants recieve marbles through taking responsibility for task and work projects or by helping others.
Typical tasks und projects:
clay-building, timber construction, building, wood treatment, paint, landscaping, earthworks, garden, permaculture, burning wood, mosaic, office work, or other...
Time requirement per marble:
Professional: 30 min. / Skilful help: 45 min. / Learning: 1 - 3 h.

Bronze marbles

External supporting works

For the support of El Valle de Sensaciones you will get bronze marbles:
Translation of the website, publishing of articles, bringing in participants, etc.
For example you will get one bronze marble for each participant you arrange.

Golden marbles

Buying marbles

Golden marbles can be bought here in the Valle or through the internet. One glass-beat costs from 3 to 8 € (depending on amount and individual financial situation).

Elemental marbles

Water, air, earth and fire. Positive feedback

Our team gives sporadically colourful marbles as positive feedback for special contributions. They are associated to the 4 elements.
Water (dark blue) : beauty, fantasy, art, music, social flow
Air (light blue): Taking responsibility, introduce knowledege...
Earth (brown): structure, diligence, consistency, tidy working - space
Fire (red): Motivation, inspiration, creativity, spirit

Marbles of activity

Offer workshops, courses, massages, ...

Every participant is invited to offer activities, like workshops, teachings, massages, performances, etc. in exchange of marbles.

Jane Public and Joe Lunchbucket joining

How can one apply the Apparatus comunitis creativus?

Here are some example scenerios.
The stated costs are an estimation.

Kerstin Knowhow

Concentrating on the learning experience

Always present in active projects, she selects the most informative works which she complements with supplemental teachings, while also attending the weekend workshops.
Weekly: aprox. 140 - 280 €

William Woodworm

Craftman with impetus and vitality

William, former carpenter who enjoys getting up early, gets easily 10 to 16 marbles per day, which cover his stay, the weekend workshops and even enjoying a masage some and when.
Costs: none

Maria Sculpturius

Creative projects as a part of the entire work of art

Maria is working freely and full of inspiration on a sculpture for the Valle de Sensaciones.
Costs: none

Max Moneynix

Low budget ecovillage experience

For not streching his budget, Max is selecting works which he can cover effectively even without previous experience.
Aprox. 64€ to 120€ per week for the weekend workshops

Trade of marbles balances economy and activities