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Co-creating Utopia and Dance

A common juicy journey of learning, healing and authentic expression

August 12 - 19, 2018
Hala Fauzi

Community exploration

The community enters a thrilling journey of experiences, learning and healing. The focus and path will be co-created by all participants. Bring your longings, questions, fantasies, skills and unique caracter. Beside our common dynamic there will be much space and opportunities for your individual journey.


During the first two days we will enter a common process of initiation and community building. Integrating new arrivals, getting to know each other and the place, understanding the framework of our Ecovillage laboratory and Eros lab and building a field of trust, understanding and freedom where each of us will be supported in taking the full responsibility for their own experience. We will also find our common focus and a path for the coming week.


We then set off on our unique journey. The only fixed element of the day will be a sharing circle, which keeps us all connected in the field of understanding and trust. The rest of the day can be co-created and will mostly offer a lot of flexibility for our own exploration, learning and healing process. A huge menu of sessions is available, offering specific teachings, guided experiences, counselling, body work, guided tours,... which you can enjoy individually or in a group of common interest. Each participant is welcome to add their own offers to this menu. They might start with optional early morning activities, and then take place at any suitable moment.

Evening programme

Towards the night we will have a special offer most of the days:

* a guided dance session (extatic, contact,..)
* a temple night
* a spicy dancing party with DJ and our fancy wardrobe
* our pleasureful hot tub
* a co-created magic space of celebration and exploration
* music, mantra singing or drumming circle
* ceremony in the medicine wheel
* ....


Many times we will have interesting facilitators joining our core team, enriching the framework of activities, the menu of sessions and the common process with special focus of their work. We might announce on short term that additional facilitators step in, which will add richness to the program. But also it might happen that facilitators have to step back because of unexpected happenings of life. That flexibility allows us to life the flow of life in full authenticity, avoiding organizative stress and still share the juicyness and wisdom with you.


The activities of the two initial days and the evening programme are included in the event fee.
For taking part in the optional sessions you need to give a contribution in form of marbles (our internal currency) which is listed in the menu. Participants offering their sessions can also receive marbles that way.

actually 7 signups
Arrival between 15.00 pm and 20.00 pm
Work exchange opportunities: 

Total quote including additional event reservations will be shown on signup form

Menu of Sessions

Our team, invited facilitators, as well as participants, can offer a huge variety of knowledge, inspiration, guidance or treatments. In this menu, you find the sessions offered by the people present. As a participant, you can usually enjoy the sessions of your choice.

Contribution: To enjoy a session you are mostly expected to give one or several marbles as contribution (shown as first number). Also, there might be a minimum number of marbles needed for a session to happen (second number).

Recommendation: Everybody present is welcome to offer sessions. The little star shows which sessions are recommended by us, knowing about their content or experienced facilitarors' background.

Título Tutor Marbles
Bellydance Class Unfolding your Eros through oriental dance
Animated activity about Sensuality, Music, 60 minutes, Open audience
Hala 2 / 6
Polyamory counseling Reflecting polyamory constellations and finding unconditional love
Counseling about Love, New culture, 90 minutes, Individual
Hala - / 30
let's play! Animated activity about Community, Creativity, No defined time frame, Open audience esterM 1 / 10
Polyamory discussion lecture and open space for exchange
Wise words about Love, New culture, 90 minutes, Open audience
Hala 2 / 6
Community Sound Journey We will embark on a sound journey using the heart of our voices and bodies together!
Exploration about Community, Creativity, Music, No defined time frame, Open audience
AliLois -
Egyptian Bellydance Performance to watch, to enjoy and take part
Performance about Sensuality, Music, 20 minutes, Open audience
Hala - / 45