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Coliving terms

The rental agreement and contribution

Here you find the terms for joining our Coliving community.
Click here to view the terms for the exclusive participation in our Ecovillage Laboratory 'Valle de Sensaciones'

Total contribution

The contribution covers a cycle of 28 days in our Coliving community, including the rental of a private space, access to all amenities including Valle de Sensaciones, food and activities:

Small budget 

600 €


900 €


1.200 €


The total contribution is composed by two elements:

Rental fee: One part of your contribution covers the rental of your individual space in our coliving together with the usage of the entire community environment. This is of 300 € (small budget), 450 € (moderate) or 600 € (abundance).
TogetherTreasuries: The other part of your contribution is directed to the communal cash which covers the communal food supply and provides communal resources, especially in Valle de Sensaciones. This is 300 € (small budget), 450 € (moderate) or 600 € (abundance).
Organizational and legal differences: The rental payments and TogetherTreasuries are two separate budgets handled by different entities.
  • The Coliving Houses, a personal venture of Achim and his partner Wambui involves the rental payments made directly to them.
  • On the other hand, TogetherTreasuries are administered by the Association Valle de Sensaciones, the entity responsible for operating the Ecovillage Laboratory. This budget mainly covers the communal food consumed in both locations, besides encompassing various communal resources used exclusively within the laboratory, such as burning wood and gas.

The coliving venture "Resonance Hub" operates as a personal business, while the Ecovillage Laboratory "Valle de Sensaciones" functions as a non-profit initiative managed by the Association.


Deposit for Reservation: To secure the reservation for each cycle, a deposit of 300 € per cycle must be transferred.; The remaining amount is due at the beginning of each cycle.
Security Deposit: Upon arrival, a security deposit of 300 € must be paid. The security deposit is intended to cover any potential damages or outstanding payments. It will be fully refunded at the end of your stay if everything is in order.


Private rooms, pods, and other individual spaces: Your reservation, along with the associated deposit, secures a designated private room or pod in the Resonance Hub or in Oasis Appartments, our coliving houses (depending on your room choice there might be an addional fee). Furthermore, you have access to individual spaces within Valle de Sensaciones. While specific spaces in Valle de Sensaciones are not reserved in advance, their selection is a communal process. These choices can evolve during your stay, allowing for a diverse range of experiences and lifestyles to be explored. Find more information here.
Coliving amenities: With the rental payment all amenities inside the Resonance Hub are at your disposal: Different communal spaces, a communal and an individual kitchen, the coworking space, the cinema, a whirlpool and more. Find a complete presentation here. Please read our rules to find out about certain limitations which we set up, to best coordinate the community dynamics in the interest of everybody.
Ecovillage environment: When renting into our coliving community also the Ecovillage Laboratory is at your disposal. Beside a wide range of communal amentities you can also take advantage of individual spaces. Especially for those renting a pod, you are more than welcome to establish a second home base here or even create your core nest within this paradise.

It is important to note that on rare occasions exclusive events may be hosted in Valle de Sensaciones, extending up to one week. Community members during such events have two options: they can either fully participate at a significantly reduced rate or choose not to access Valle de Sensaciones during those days. Please refer to the description of each cycle to determine if this applies.

Heating, electricity, internet,..: All extra costs of the coliving are covered by the contribution: Heating, Electricity, high-speed internet, gas, heating, Netflix and Youtube premium.
Cleaning: Your contribution covers the routine cleaning in village homes. It's important to leave each space, whether it's the kitchen or the bathtub, tidy after use. While there's no obligation for household chores beyond this, any voluntary support in fostering a sense of community is greatly appreciated. For those who choose to participate in the Ecovillage Laboratory, you'll find a space where tasks are shared and coordinated by our community mandala in a flexible and enjoyable manner. However, if you opt not to join the laboratory, there's no pressure to engage in communal household activities there.
Bedding: Bedcloths are included in the contribution. When reserving a pod you will also receive a second set of bedding so you can establish a parallel home base in the Ecovillage Laboratory.
Outdoor equipment: When renting a pod you are also getting handed over handy equipment for living in a nature environment: Besides the second set of bedding you will get a mosquito net (even if mosquitos are to find), a flashlight, and bicycle usage, ensuring you are well-equipped for exploring Valle de Sensaciones by day and night at to move between the two places.
Food supply: A basic food supply is encompassed within your contribution. Further details regarding the inclusive food and beverages, as well as additional offerings, can be found here..
Daily meals:Your contribution includes the provision of one warm meal each weekday, served in the Resonance Hub. However, everyone is free to enjoy the provided meal in their preferred location and to prepare additional meals individually or communally.
Activities: Community activities and events are inclusive of the contribution. This encompasses monthly hot tub and full moon events, whirlpool sessions, film evenings, talking stick circles, medicine wheel ceremonies, Valle de Sensaciones tours, and more.
Reduction on Events: There may be special optional events that necessitate an extra contribution, such as weekend workshops or third-party event offerings. Residents of our coliving community will consistently benefit from substantial price reductions for these events.


Launch Special: During the first months of our new project we offer significant reductions. Please find all the information here.
5 week Cycles: A typical cycles has 4 weeks = 28 days. Nevertheless twice a year there are Cycles of 35 days, to adjust to the lunar cycles. The rental price and the TogetherTreasuries are increased by 25% in that case. Deposits are staying the same.
Joining as a couple: For a couple to share space, the rental price is reduced by 30% per person. The contribution to the TogetherTreasuries applies as usual.
Hosting personal guests: For your guests, you are expected to contribute 24 / 36 / 48 € per day, all-inclusive. However, you are free to charge them a higher rate, incorporating an additional fee for the services you provide, whether it's caretaking, coaching, or other offerings. In such instances, you are expected to be transparent about the price design and it is your responsibility to manage any legal obligations associated with the extra payment.
Extention of your stay: In case you extend your stay without reserving an entire cycle, the additional contribution is 24 / 36 / 48 € per day, all-inclusive.
Early Departure: Should you opt to depart from the community prior to the completion of your reservation, we will facilitate a partial refund for you. All contributions made to TogetherTreasuries will be fully refunded based on the actual days of your participation. Please note that the standard rental fee and reservation deposit are generally non-refundable. However, in circumstances where your decision to leave is influenced by community dynamics or difficulties with the environment, we may consider providing a partial refund as an exception.
Choose between small budget, moderate, or abundance: As you observed, our contribution model provides three rates: 'small budget,' 'moderate,' and 'abundant.' Initially, you have the autonomy to select the option that best suits your budget. However, if you do not opt for the 'abundant' choice, we will inquire about your lifestyle through three specific questions in our application form. This allows us to discuss your selection if it appears inconsistent with your lifestyle, ensuring a coherent and transparent contribution process.

Special rate while completing and finetuning the coliving environment

33% off for Coliving reservations made during the next months.

We are excited to announce the relaunch of our project, marking the next evolutionary step within a larger community environment and a further developed concept. This represents a unique and innovative offering for celebrating a self-responsible, authentic, sex-positive culture, as we believe. While additional amenities are still in the process of being fully set up, and our concept undergoes fine-tuning, we extend a special invitation to pioneers – individuals who will play a crucial role in infusing the environment with vital community energy.
Additionally, we are thankful for reservations into the future, without necessarily fixing a date, as they greatly assist us in covering the investments needed for the envisioned upgrades. In such cases, the reduction applies, even if you find the environment fully set up at the moment of your arrival.

How to interact on the day by day

Beside the agreement field, our framework for the personal interaction, there is also a series of detailed rules as a guideline for the practical behaviour in the community environment. The rules are mainly around the core points of

° Not leaving private belongings lying around
° Returning things to where one took them
° Tidying and cleaning amenities after their usage
° Care about acoustic disturbances in the house
° Clothing optional and sex-positive behavior in the house
° The usage of the kitchens and habits around sharing food
° Sharing special infrastructure, like whirlpool, sound system, video screen, etc.
° Receiving guests
The asociation 'Valle de Sensaciones'

The activities in Ecovillage Laboratory are happening under the umbrella of the registered association "Valle de Sensaciones". That legal frame seems the most appropriate for our communal exploration in such an unconventional natural environment.

The communal living in the Resonance Hub and the accommodation in private rooms or capsules in that house are covered by a private rental contract done with each member of the community. 

Above this a membership to our association will be needed in case you want to take advantage of the additional environment in Valle de Sensaciones. In combination with the membership declaration, you will also confirm to take full responsibility for your health and safety while using the experimental environment and the natural resources.