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Community workshop

While keeping up the community life we step into a guided experience of learning and exploration.
Teachings, which might be theoratical or practical, together with other guided activities wrap around our common rhythm as community.
All community tasks are covered together as usual.

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June 24 - July 1 Clayos
Earth rituals, playfulness, magic of nature and clay all over
Community workshop
Child friendly
July 6 - 8 Eros awakened through Bellydance
Uncover your inner Divine
Community workshop
August 5 - 10 EROS in Paradise
5-day Retreat of Temple Arts, Sacred Sexuality and Life Empowerment
Community workshop
August 19 - 26 Dance your Eros
Unfolding your erotic beeing and enjoying the spicy dynamic: extatic, african, oriental,...
Community workshop
August 31 - September 2 NVC Community workshop