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Cycle of Celebration

July 29 - August 26, 2018

Let's celebrate the summer: around the pool, on she shady terraces by the stream, enjoying the warm nights,...
Together we will turn living into an adventure, creating abundance, dancing, music, free expression, nurturing moments of ecstasy,...

Hala Fauzi
Achim Burkard
Sandra Irmscher


Each moon cycle in our laboratory is dedicated to a specific theme. It starts with new moon, the perfect moment to invite new dynamics into our life.
In an initial immersion right before new moon we give a deep introduction into our laboratory and form the crew, the core community for the coming cycle.
During new moon, a phase of reflection and of manifestation of the new, we dive deep into the subjects which brought us together and the common mission.
During some cycles the theme will be introduced and deepened through workshops.
Towards full moon the dynamic is usually rising in intensity and experiences might get more and more juicy, culminating in the lunatic celebration.
We end the cycle with finally reflecting on the experience and bridging spirits the new group during an other immersion.

We recommend to join for an entire cycle if you are interested in fully experiencing the laboratory and the community in its depth and to dive deep into the theme given to the cycle.

Basic quote: 
Event quote: 
Offers introduction to the laboratory
Arrival between 15.00 pm and 20.00 pm


Event deposit
Payment to reserve your place
396 €594 €792 €
Event balance
Remaining contribution: Can optionally be covered non-monetary through signup referral, work-exchange, offering sessions...
99396 €594 €792 €
Early bird! First places. Quotes are low.
Please note that quotes are rising as signups come in. The earlier you reserve your place the lower the quote you get

Joining the entire cycle you will enjoy...

Co-creating Utopia
A common juicy journey of learning, healing and authentic expression
July 29 - August 5 Community exploration
Hot tub affair
Warm huddle of the tribe on New Moon
August 10 - 12 Happening
Relax August 12 - 13 Community experience
Co-creating Utopia and Dance
A common juicy journey of learning, healing and authentic expression
August 12 - 19 Community exploration
Living together August 13 - 19 Community experience
Dance your Eros
Unfolding your erotic beeing and enjoying the spicy dynamic: extatic, african, oriental,...
August 19 - 26 Community workshop
Lunatic celebration
Dancing, loving, praying in the moon light
August 24 - 26 Happening

Optional events

additional quote
EROS in Paradise
5-day Retreat Sacred Sensuality and Life Empowerment
August 5 - 10 Community workshop 51 marbles

Total quote including additional event reservations will be shown on signup form

Cycle crew

A 4 week long common journey of exploration and experiences

All participants signing up for at least one moon cycle will go on an intensive journey together. They start with an immersion right before new moon, initiating a group process, building a field of trust, sharing about longings, mapping their skills and designing the coming dynamic together. Than an intense and unique 4 weeks long common journey will start. Together they build the core of our community, receiving new arrivals, integrate them into the common exploration, guide group processes, offer sessions, support other facilitators which might step in short term and attend the practical works of maintenance and farming. You will have the opportunity to get involved in the areas of your interest, taking over responsible roles with priority work exchange opportunities, or to concentrate on your personal process without taking over project tasks.


For being part of the crew and enjoying the benefits like lower event quotes and priority work exchange opportunities we expect you to arrive for the immersion at its beginning and to also join the next immersion at the end of the cycle so you can pass over your work area, ongoing projects and be part of the common reflection on the previous experiences.


Beside the usual daily basic quote for your participation there is a specially low event quote for the entire cycle which includes joining most of the activities. Additionally you might find specific optional events which you can book for an extra quote. The total contribution is calculated and shown while filling the online form.
For reserving your place in your first moon cycle you need to transfer the deposit of 40 to 50% through bank transfer. The rest can be covered through work exchange, offering sessions or promoting our project.

Full work exchange

Starting with the second moon cycle we offer full work exchange.
Minimum 3 month stay is requiered for joining without any monetary contribution for your entire stay.

When signing up to join our moon cycle crew you are requested to make a monetary contribution for the first month as described above.
For the following cycles you can apply for full work exchange and will than not need to make any monetary contribution beforehand.
By the end of the 3rd cycle as result of your continuos workinput you gain the opportunity to recover any previous monetary contributions for your stay and the events you joined through the you made. As result the work exchange of the entire 3 month period and beyond can get to 100%, without any remaining monetary contribution.

Joining with the motivation to get an effective part of our crew you will get to understand our project in depth during the first weeks and will thereby earn the capacity to take over tasks efficiently, able to cover the remaining balance and more. Still we strongly recommend to signup also to the optional events during that period, even if this minimises the available time for your work input and generates additional quotes to be covered by it. The teachings and experience received through this workshops will give you new capacities and a much quicker integration into the various levels of this laboratory, anabeling you to later provide an effective non-monetary contribution.

Starting with your second cycle you can than expect to have sufficient insight and capacities to cover all contributions for your participation by your work input, by promotion done for the project and/or by sessions you offer. Depending on your capacities, motivation and involvement you might earn many more marbles than needed to cover the basic contribution which you can use to join optional events, to enjoy individual sessions, to invite your friends or which you can save to recover you initial monetary contribution.

By the end of the third cycle you will have the opportunity to get a monetary payback for spare marbles you saved. You will receive 4€ per marbles till the maximum of recovering any payment you made to the project previously.

Initial full work exchange

In exceptional cases we might select applicants with advanced previous experience to step into full work exchange right from the beginning. For that we take into a account

  • disponibility to join an entire cycle, preferable more
  • experience in exploring the Eros
  • previous experience in community
  • ability to hold space, facilitate and offer sessions
  • practical skills of maintenance, construction and gardening

Menu of Sessions

Our team, invited facilitators, as well as participants, can offer a huge variety of knowledge, inspiration, guidance or treatments. In this menu, you find the sessions offered by the people present. As a participant, you can usually enjoy the sessions of your choice.

Contribution: To enjoy a session you are mostly expected to give one or several marbles as contribution (shown as first number). Also, there might be a minimum number of marbles needed for a session to happen (second number).

Recommendation: Everybody present is welcome to offer sessions. The little star shows which sessions are recommended by us, knowing about their content or experienced facilitarors' background.

Título Tutor Marbles
Living with nature Permaculture, natural resources and Environmental technology in Valle de Sensaciones
Tour about Permaculture, Green building, Eco technology, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Ecotechnology on the place Introduction into compost toilet, solar cookers, renewable energy, bicycle washing machines, irrigation and more
Tour about Permaculture, Eco technology, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Our creative buildings History, concept and details about the buildings of Valle de Sensaciones
Tour about Permaculture, Green building, Eco technology, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Drumming Getting the cycle grooving: African and free rhythms
Animated activity about , 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Bellydance Class Unfolding your Eros through oriental dance
Animated activity about Sensuality, Music, 60 minutes, Open audience
Hala 2 / 6
Rhythmic experience Diving in rhythmic energy just with steps, clapping and voice
Animated activity about , 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim - / 5
Land Art introduction Getting to know the materials nature offers and how to transform them into art
Workshop about Creativity, Art, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Cane constructions Creative building with cane and bamboo
Workshop about Creativity, Green building, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
The medicine wheel Introduction to our sacred place and the circular map of the existence Achim -
Polyamory counseling Reflecting polyamory constellations and finding unconditional love
Counseling about Love, New culture, 90 minutes, Individual
Hala - / 30
Clay construction Learning ecovillage living about Green building, 90 minutes, Open audience Achim 1 / 5
Compost toilet Transforming your shit and organic waste into fertilizer
Learning ecovillage living about Green building, Eco technology, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Renewable energies How to create your own energy with the sun, wind and water
Learning ecovillage living about Eco technology, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Ecovillages An overview of Ecovillage projects in Spain, Europe and worldwide
Learning ecovillage living about New culture, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Living constructions Creating structures with living plants
Learning ecovillage living about Green building, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Treehouses How to create spaces in trees
Learning ecovillage living about Green building, 90 minutes, Open audience
Achim 1 / 5
Morning Practice Meditation / Yoga
Animated activity about Community, 60 minutes, Open audience
Sandra Irmscher 1 / 3
Re-Connection to your heart focus on appreciation & gratefulness in your life
Animated activity about Community, Love, Sensuality, 60 minutes, Open audience
Sandra Irmscher 1 / 5
Eros Lab Introduction Essential introduction for new arrivals
Workshop about New culture, Several follow up sessions, Open audience
Achim 10
Dare to speak your truth Communication Tools & Touch
Workshop about Love, Sensuality, Sexuality, 60 minutes, Open audience
Sandra Irmscher 1 / 5
Creative craft Providing tools, materials and support for working with wood, cane, stones or other materials
Workshop about Creativity, No defined time frame, Individual
Achim 8
Polyamory discussion lecture and open space for exchange
Wise words about Love, New culture, 90 minutes, Open audience
Hala 2 / 6
Conscious Personal Counseling sacred space for you to face your topic, create possibilities how to release suffering - honesty & selfcare
Counseling about Love, Sensuality, Sexuality, 90 minutes, Individual
Sandra Irmscher 8 / 8
Ritual of Tantric Touch Massage (male/female) discover and connect with your pure essence
Treatment about Love, Sensuality, Sexuality, 2,5 hours, Individual
Sandra Irmscher - / 20
Radical surrender Playing with Bondage and sensual deprivation
Exploration about Kink, No defined time frame, Selected little groups
Achim -
Egyptian Bellydance Performance to watch, to enjoy and take part
Performance about Sensuality, Music, 20 minutes, Open audience
Hala - / 45