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Cycle of Harvest

September 24 - October 28, 2018

While we harvest the fruits of our little paradise: grapes, pomegranates, figs, almonds & vegetables and also transforming and preserving what nature gives us...
will we also harvest the other fruits of this season? What did this year bring to all of us? What ripened? How can we take advantage of all of this and transform it?


Each moon cycle in our laboratory is dedicated to a specific theme. It starts right after the full moon when the lunatic celebrations gave a glowing end to the previous one. We start the cycle with forming the core community, to hold the space for the next phase, with reflecting about its theme, and to share how each of us is called to get in touch with its essence. In the middle of the cycle we will consciously pass the new moon, a phase of reflection and of manifestation of the new. For then riding on the uplifting dynamic till stepping into our special lunatic celebrations again.
We recommend to join for an entire cycle if you are interested in fully experiencing the laboratory and the community in its depth. Participants of the Cycle will get the priority work exchange opportunities, while having the chance of learning how to become a responsible participant of our project. Depending on your skills and interests you can choose to focus more of the social level, the infrastructure or the garden and the land.

Events during this Cycle

Community building, project presentation and vision quest
September 24 - 26 Immersion
Harvest, Wine and Conserves September 26 - 28 Proposal
Community in action
Almond Harvest September 30 - October 5 Proposal
Community in action
Lunatic celebration
Dancing, loving, praying in the moon light
October 19 - 21 Happening
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Menu of Sessions

Our team, invited facilitators, as well as participants, can offer a huge variety of knowledge, inspiration, guidance or treatments. In this menu, you find the sessions offered by the people present. As a participant, you can usually enjoy the sessions of your choice.

Contribution: To enjoy a session you are mostly expected to give one or several marbles as contribution (shown as first number). Also, there might be a minimum number of marbles needed for a session to happen (second number). If there aren't enough people interested in the session of your choice you might need to give more in case you have a vivid interest in this specific session.

Recommendation: Everybody present is welcome to offer sessions. The little star shows which sessions are recommended by us, knowing about their content or experienced facilitarors' background.