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Cycle of Pachamama

April 2 - May 1, 2018

Included events

Living together
March 15 - 16
Building Circle
Finding common ground and vision through medicine wheel, togetherness and process work
April 2 - 4
Hot tub affair
Warm huddle of the tribe and joyous initiation of arrivals
April 6 - 8
Spring action
Active in nature: Preparing the land, gardening, vital community living
April 8 - 13
Building the Spa April 8 - 13
Hot tub affair
Warm huddle of the tribe and joyous initiation of arrivals
April 13 - 15
Conscious Sensuality April 15 - 20
Conscious Sensuality Spa Celebration April 20 - 22
Living together April 22 - 27
Lunatic celebration
Dancing, loving, praying in the moon light
April 27 - May 1
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Remaining contribution: Can optionally be covered non-monetary through signup referral, work-exchange, offering sessions...
87348 €522 €696 €
Early bird! First places. Quotes are low.
Please note that quotes are rising as signups come in. The earlier you reserve your place the lower the quote you get

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