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Experience Fair

We open the fair with a common introduction during the first one or two days. Then everybody is invited to step into your own exploration and to take advantage of a menu of possible sessions, to be booked individually, or to be enjoyed spontaneously in group context. Everybody present is invited to add own offers to the menu of sessions. As a group we will reflect on the upcoming dynamic, with the potencial to co-create our common extraordinary journey.
Economy: Our internal currency, the marbles, help us to manage the economy of this interaction. They are used to contribute for enjoying professional teachings, counselling or bodywork, while they also make it possible for you to earn your stay with your contribution.
The event quote here published includes your first 12 marbles, which we hand out for starting the fair. Especially if you want to enjoy individual sessions of bodywork and counselling you might want to get additional marbles during that journey. In case you offer sessions of high interest you might later use marbles for an additional stay or economic payout.
All community tasks are covered together as usual.

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Actually there are no sheduled events