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take part in the comunitarian exploration of the unpredictable

Under the concept of 'Resonancia Community' Achim opens the by him created artistic environment for an ongoing communal dynamic between selected participants.

It is meant as an experiment, giving space to the flow of change, unpredictable dynamics, and the alchemy between people of different backgrounds and tribes. Hoping for resonance to take place and inspire our hearts and lives.

It also aims to offer a temporary, periodic, or long-term home base to loving dreamers, cultural visionaries, sensual artists, erotic explorers, nomadic facilitators, and ecovillage activists who are vibrating with the call.

Workshops, parties, laboratories,...

Workshops and other shorter events of a few days up to one or a few weeks offer the possibility to step straight into facilitated group dynamics and guided learning experiences. Find a list here.

Enjoy the entire Ecovillage environment of Valle de Sensaciones for your tribal gatherings, communal celebrations, group processes or other activities. We offer the entire ecovillage laboratory with all its infrastructure, nature, sensations and the full freedom to create the lifestyle and the experience of your choice.

If you want to join Resonance Community or one of our events please follow the links given there.

In any case, before getting in contact you need to create an account on the website first, so our correspondence is saved in our system and available to all team members. Being logged in you will then be able to see all correspondence in your user profile where you can also respond.

If you have further questions enter here to find the contact form.

Valle de Sensaciones and Resonancia Community are situated in the Alpujarra of Granada, the southern mountains of Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia, Spain. Here you find detailed information about getting here with your own or a rental car, public buses, airplanes or even getting picked up by one of our friends.

We also inform you about what to bring

Please do not turn up here without previous sign up on our website.