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Good to know

You should bring...

  • Flashlight
  • Sleeping bag (we can offer a limited number of quilts)
  • Sheet (even if you come with your own sleeping bag)
  • Biodegradable products (no other product should be used)
  • 12 Volt car adaptors (In case you want to charge or run any devices. There is no 220V available)
  • The fee for the first days (the contribution should be given in advance)

It's always good to bring....

  • Musical instruments
  • Selfgrown food

We want you to....

  • keep mobile phones turned off.
  • not to smoke in any room.
  • not to use fire (even no candles).
  • not to consume alcohol in an excessive way. (also not during our parties).
  • not to throw away fags (like no other garbage).