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Rite of Power and Spring Celebration

Dear beautiful people,

We are writing to you from the midst of our immersion week here at Valle de Sensaciones. Diving deep into the group process and visioning together for a New Culture in our Ecovillage Laboratory.

The spring has fully arrived and celebrations of new life have started. Achim came back from two months of travels, we reunited as a team and celebrated his birthday together.

Next week we will together go into an intensive shamanic journey 1. Rite of Power guided by two beautiful facilitators from Germany - Sundragon and Singing Hummingbird Woman. We still have 2 spaces available for this amazing process. Check it out and join us!

We would also like to invite our neighbours for a Cacao Ceremony evening led by the shaman Sundragon which will happen on the 21st March to welcome the Spring. It is a special ritual using the pure beans of cacao to get into a connected state with oneself, others and nature.

At last, a big shout out to all the marketing and PR capable people who would like to get involved and help us spread the word about our Summer of Eros programme. Please write directly to Aleksandra at if you would like to get involved and contribute.

Love and blessings to all,
Valle de Sensaciones team
Johanna, Aleksandra & Achim