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Welcome to Summer of Eros and Juicy Community Experience

Early Bird until 2nd June

This summer we invite you for two and a half months of events and living together in nature, exploring authentic connections and welcoming sensual adventures. This is a meeting point for "New Culture", inviting people from different paths of community living, ecovillages, polyamory, free-love, Tantra, conscious BDSM and other modern embodied practices.

We invite you to explore your Eros - the authentic erotic and life force energy - with awareness, intentions and within a safe container of loving community. Recognised facilitators and practitioners join us offering daily private and group sessions to dive deeper into the subjects and give space to personal healing.

You can join week-long deep-dive trainings, weekend workshops or community living in the field of Eros throughout the whole summer.

Real life experience starts after workshops! Did you know that you could spend as much or as little time in this experimental field, as the summer living Juicy Community Experience is open from 17th July to 17th September? Until 2nd June there are Early Birds for pre-booking your place in this experience for 14 days and above or 28 days and above. To apply, log in to our website and fill in the application form.

Besides lots of playtime, nature time, creativity, art, music and dance - each day we dedicate one session for community building, which may include: Forum, Sharing Circles with talking stick, Creator's Game, Medicine Wheel, women/men circles etc. We also have daily yoga sessions or other practices for soul and body.

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Summer of Eros 2017 at Valle de Sensaciones:
Juicy Community Experience - 17th July - 17th September 2017
PolarityPlay - 28th - 30th July
Polyamorous Convival Gathering - 4th - 6th August
The Intimate Body - 11th - 13th August
Conscious Sensuality Level 1 with Robert Silber - 1st - 7th September