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Take part

Valle de Sensaciones offers you an opportunity to get part of our community as temporary experience. Join to create, learn, love and celebrate with us.
Initially we ask you to join one of our workshops, which are mainly offered on weekends. Than we are very happy for participants to keep on being part of the community experience for some weeks or month or to join periodically in parallel to their usual lives.
In case you feel the call and can offer relevant skills to the project, we also offer an opportunity to become a long term collaborator or even team member of the project.


Workshops offer guided intensive experiences

Throughout the year we offer a wide range of weekend workshops. They are mostly followed by an optional community experience or laboratory time giving an additional opportunity to experiment on the treated subjects or to investigate related questions.
Attending one of our workshops is the only way to step into a longer community experience, as they also provide an instant integration into the intensive and trustful communal field in the valley.

At times, we also offer one-week or longer intensive trainings on the key areas of our project.

Community experience

Join our transient community, for a week or even several months

At our Ecovillage and Eros Laboratory, community is at the heart of the process. Valle de Sensaciones provides an environment and specific tools, designed to offer an intensive temporary community experience with all its processes and learnings.
In this laboratory context we celebrate community living treating relevant questions towards creating a New Culture. The laboratory themes and research questions might be pre-suggested or simply arise out of the actual dynamic in the group.

Log in or create a new profile on our website first, in order to sign up for any of the events or participate in community living.

Step into our team

Support the Ecovillage Laboratory on long term and co-create the vision for a permanent community

Having stepped into a new way of carrying the project last October, we are inspired now at Valle de Sensaciones to invite you to expand our team experience. Become a team member or collaborator at Valle de Sensaciones to contribute your creative ideas and energy into by:

    - nourish our Ecovillage Laboratory project,
    - joining the rotating team, or even
    - co-creating a permanent community here.

Participation guidelines

All activities and Living Together at Ecovillage Laboratory takes place in the circle of members of the association 'Valle de Sensaciones'. We offer a free membership to all who wish to participate in any of the above ways. The group size is usually between 5-40 people with varying community dynamics. In the event descriptions you can read about the subjects treated during our event, which is then filled with life by participants during the following phase. What emerges here cannot always be predicted, which is one reason of this project to be innovative and authentic.
We do not provide accommodation or entertainment as a tourist service. The household is run communally with all people present.

Getting here

We are situated in the Alpujarra of Granada, the southern mountains of Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia, Spain.

Valle de Sensaciones can NOT be visited without previous confirmed sign up through our website.