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Summer of Eros has started!

Join us for community experinece and workshops!

We have made it! 42 shining people went through the 8 days of ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience. This is an explosion of love, empowerment, depth and soulful joy!

Today the valley is vibrating with Eros and playfulness as we are sinking into the tribal field of ISTA. Hearing many healing sessions in progress, love making from different tree houses, music and emotional release sounds.

This summer is slowly unfolding the visions of Eros Laboratory - a conscious, alive and exiting exploration into life lived in new culture, in nature and in connection to others. This brings us to explore consciously and in transparency what a creative liberated flow of energy between people brings into the field of tribal reality. How do we empower ourselves and maintain authenticity, and at the same time live in satisfying and harmonious relations with others? How do we create a Next Culture of love, freedom and connection? How do we turn on our hearts and lit up the souls for their full potential to show up?

If you feel this is your call join us - our next workshop is a Dance Temple!

In Love, Power and Freedom
Valle de Sensaciones Team

Here are all the upcoming workshops for the summer:
Summer of Eros 2017 at Valle de Sensaciones:
Juicy Community Experience - 17th July - 17th September 2017
Rhythms of the Heart: Dance Temple - 21st - 23rd July
PolarityPlay - 28th - 30th July
Polyamorous Convival Gathering - 4th - 6th August
The Intimate Body - 11th - 13th August
Magic of Love - 24th - 30th August
Conscious Sensuality Weekend / Level 1 with Robert Silber - 1st - 7th September
Eros and 5 Rhythms: Making Love to Life - 8th - 10th September