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Open hot tub

Well-being, togetherness and spontaneous celebration

Feb 9 - 11, 2018

On Saturday we heat our huge outdoor hot tub. Newcomers and friends from around are invited for an intimate moment with the little winter community being present.
Newcomers get initiated into the Eros Lab and learn how to integrate into the field of trust, honesty and sensual contact.
The actual community gets together in this cosy space and tunes into strengthening the common field.

In our talking stick circles, we open the space for personal sharing. Even if the Eros Lab is not the main focus of the winter season, still the important questions around Love and Sexuality are invited get to the surface.
The group being present this weekend is welcome to celebrate the magical space of Valle de Sensaciones as the initiatives arise: dancing, nature walks, temple nights,....

This is a very lighly facilitated event, offering to get to know the place with space for your initiatives at a specially low fee.

Just Saturday participation: friends from around and travelers are invited to join the event on donation base (recommendation: 24€, minimum 6€ per shared meal, no overnight stay included)


A happening is a special moment in the community dynamics. While bringing the focus of people present and newcomers to the common magic and the possibly projected subject, it is still mainly about sharing the authenticity of the moment.

The facilitation of our happenings is light and leaves much space for flexibilities and the input of everybody present. We still share the usual community procedures, like running the household together.
The economic contribution is usually very low, that's why the happenings offer a favourable opportunity to share a special moment with us or to step into the community experience.

Basic quote: 
Event quote: 
No introduction to the laboratory offered and needed


Event deposit
Payment to reserve your place
12 €18 €24 €
Event balance
Remaining contribution: Can optionally be covered non-monetary through signup referral, work-exchange, offering sessions...
312 €18 €24 €
Early bird! First places. Quotes are low.
Please note that quotes are rising as signups come in. The earlier you reserve your place the lower the quote you get

Total quote including additional event reservations will be shown on signup form