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Erotic Mysteries Deep Dive

Tantra, Conscious Kink and the human Shadow

July 15 - 22, 2018

Do you wish to know more about the mysterious power of your own sexuality?

Have you heard about sex magick, conscious kink and Neo Tantra and wonder what these all mean?

Is it time for you to confront your own erotic shadows and shine your own beautiful light into the world?

Then join us for this Deep Dive into the Erotic Mysteries​

​The Erotic Mysteries are the mysterious and beautiful places where Tantra, Conscious Kink and the human Shadow overlap. What does this mean exactly?

In one sense, ​we'll be exploring the esoteric mystery traditions. One common goal of many of these traditions is for each explorer to fully remember that we are all divine beings and the goal of the work is to bring our divine nature into full consciousness. In other words: one purpose in exploring The Erotic Mysteries is to help us see through all of the illusions and mental programming and to remember who we really are
A second goal is​ to help others also remember. There is a ‘coming home’ feeling once we remove the shackles of illusion put upon us by the modern world.

In a practical sense, ​the Erotic Mysteries are about creating safe and conscious ritual spaces where we can take time to look within, explore what we find there, integrate those things we find and come out whole and empowered. As so much of our sexuality is buried in shadow, a part of our deep dive will involve using the tools of Conscious Kink in order to forge a path within ourselves.

Conscious Kink is important to our exploration of the Erotic Mysteries as these tools allow us to explore any fetishes we might have in an empowering and nurturing way. We may explore what it’s like to engage in impact play (e.g. flogging or spanking) or we may create scenes where we find out what it’s like to serve another person for a while. Conscious Kink also allows for our darker erotic fantasies to be explored, and for this reason a large part of the workshop is geared towards learning common tools for asserting boundaries and ensuring healthy methods for gaining authentic consent.

In this workshop we cover the tools of ​Sacred Sex, Erotic Service and ​Conscious Kink​ ​in a ritualised content. The goal of ​exploring the Erotic Mysteries are to combine powerful erotic states with spirituality and to create magical spaces of deep learning. We light a proverbial candle, turn inwards and face our own shadows that we have, up until now, suppressed. We embrace our own light and our own darkness in order to understand ourselves and serve each other. We use erotic techniques and shamanic journeying to reclaim those parts of ourselves otherwise lost. We explore our own inner worlds leading to places of power, self-love and ultimate greater self-knowledge.

​Please note:

This is an intensive ritual / deep dive and we expect to host many breakthrough moments for people on the journey of self-discovery

The Erotic Mysteries​ can be a set of powerful tools for healing sexual trauma, but the movement towards healing is at your own pace. We provide the tools, techniques and safe space.

Whilst we expect a high erotic content, all of your personal boundaries will be honoured and nurtured at all times.

This event is open to people of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship formations.

It will be taught in English with some translation possible

This workshop will be run by Seani Love and his expert team, soon to be announced.

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Seani Love


During an intensive workshop we are entering an intense process together.
The life situation is adapted to support the most intensive dedication to the common subjects.
Cooking and other household tasks are covered by our team, who serve the group during these days so everybody can fully dive into the process.

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