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Creating Nature Spaces

Nests in the trees, cosy beds in the bushes, Love spaces, and more

May 20 - 25, 2018
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Achim Burkard

Community in action

A time dedicated to practical activities. Now there are many opportunities for work-exchange or practical learning.
If not said differently in the event description, all working time will get compensated with marbles, which can not just be used to cover the remaining balance, but also for future participation and joining upcoming events.
Joining the work process is optional. Still you will enjoy the freedom to get involved in other things, or simply to enjoy the community dynamics.

actually 5 signups
Basic quote: 
Event quote: 
Previous introduction needed to arrive to this event


Event deposit
Payment to reserve your place
60 €90 €120 €
Event balance
Remaining contribution: Can optionally be covered non-monetary through signup referral, work-exchange, offering sessions...
2080 €120 €160 €
Early bird! First places. Quotes are low.
Please note that quotes are rising as signups come in. The earlier you reserve your place the lower the quote you get

Total quote including additional event reservations will be shown on signup form