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Clay - Constructions for all senses

Sensual and creative ways to build your house

May 4 - 6, 2018

At this workshop we will be looking at the characteristics of Clay as a construction material and its construction techniques currently used all over the planet. We will show you some tricks of the trade including the use of additives to enhance its characteristics. We will explain step by step How to source it, rate it, mix it, use it and to decorate with it.
We will also be dealing with lots of constructive elements and their fabrication with clay: floor, walls, ceilings, seats, ovens and even bathtubs. Clay is so versatile we can do this in a creative and sensual way.
We will be touching and experimenting with this material while mixing and applying it. We will also be working on pending projects here at the valley, whether it be a little artistic house, a sculpture, an oven or any other object. Following the weekend workshop we can offer the possibility of staying on at the Valley for the whole week, getting deeper into what we have learned while doing some different experiences to enhance your stay.

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Achim Burkard

Community workshop

While keeping up the community life we step into a guided experience of learning and exploration.
Teachings, which might be theoratical or practical, together with other guided activities wrap around our common rhythm as community.
All community tasks are covered together as usual.

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