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Earn marbles by sharing our website and our events.

For each signup you refer to us, we give you a gratification of some marbles, which you can use to contribute for your stay. Depending on the value of the referred signup this can add up to significant amount, allowing you to cover up to 50% of your stay.

How are marbles given?

For taking part in our user referral programme you need to be registered in our website. Once you are logged in to your account, most URLs of the website end with personal code of you. If somebody new signs up to our events through this personalized link, marbles are automatically booked onto your account.

  1. If a new account is created in the 3 days after accessing the website with your referral code, a reference will get stored connected to this new account.
  2. If from this new account a signup is done, or a yearly membership is booked, inside 30 days, a reference will get stored in the signup log, too.
  3. When the registration payment on this signup or a membership payment arrives, 25% of this amount will get booked as marbles on your account.
    • Example: For a signup of 1 week a reservation fee of 360€ (equivalent to 60 marbles) gets transferred. As gratification we will book 15 marbles on your account (equivalent to 90 €).

What to do with the marbles I got?

You can use your marbles to cover the basic contribution for your stay, the event fee and to enjoy sessions on the place.

  1. The initial transfer of 50% to reserve your place needs to be monetary. Marbles can not be used for that.
  2. Marbles can be used to cover part or all of the pending contribution (max. 50% of total)
    • Basic contribution
    • Event fee
    • Sessions
  3. Example: As you will get 25% of the reservation payment done for any signup you referred to us, as a consequence 4 signups would give you enough marbles for covering the pending payment of such event.

Resources for promotion

We are happy for any event to be shared with your friends or promoted otherwise. Go to the "events" section where you find a complete listing. Opening the event which you find attractive, you can share it directly from there.

Other relevant pages are found in the "Ecovillage Laboratory", "Nature spaces" and "Tools and methods" sections. Just pick what most seem be most catchy and interesting.