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EROS in Paradise

5-day Retreat Sacred Sensuality and Life Empowerment

August 5 - 10, 2018

EROS ∞ Medicine bringing you this incredible 5-day retreat exploring sacredness and pleasure rituals in sex-positive spaces with community in the midst of Andalusian nature.

This journey aims to give you a playful and deep introduction to the skills and practices of Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality. Each day builds on the others to create a full experience of diving deep into love together. Most evenings include a Temple space ritual or an open and held space for exploration to fully embody what we have learned and to let it run through our neurological system, deeply nourish us and re-programme the old patterns of lack, shame and guilt around intimacy, sexuality and the body.

Open to people who wants to discover more about spiritual practices, tantra, emotional work or sex-positive spaces.

: : meditation - body & voice opening - connection to your inner self
: : self-consciousness, authenticity & transparency
: : emotion and sex positive space - permission to be oneself in the full spectrum
: : healing of intimacy & heart connection
: : community, celebration & being ‘you’
: : open space for exploration & embodiment of the day's learning
: : integrity and alignment with oneself
: : reclaiming power of saying "no" & our boundaries
: : exploring our desires - the "yes" work
: : the Wheel of Consent theory and practice - conscious touch
: : pleasure ritual for realisation of personal gifts and super-powers
: : healing & embodying healthy masculine and healthy feminine in each person
: : energy sublimation
: : sacred union ritual between divine masculine and divine feminine
: : self-exposure in community
: : unshaming ritual and body acceptance
: : Temple rituals of touch, pleasure and empowerment
: : 1:1 individual personal sessions

All activities are optional and there are no expectations to join, but take self-responsibility for the nature of your own experience and set your own clear boundaries.

There will be daily options to work on your own issues in 1:1 sessions!!!

The participants take part in daily chores of the community by engaging in cooking & cleaning. Programme is adjusted so that you always participate in all activities.

… for spiritual seekers who wish to make love with creation
… for nature lovers
… for touch enthusiasts and cuddly people
… for those who like to play in community with transparency
… for those who wish to claim the power of their desire
… for people having courage to discover their own essence

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Sandra Irmscher

Community workshop

While keeping up the community life we step into a guided experience of learning and exploration.
Teachings, which might be theoratical or practical, together with other guided activities wrap around our common rhythm as community.
All community tasks are covered together as usual.

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Offers introduction to the laboratory


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During this event there are no work-exchange opportunities. Be aware that you would need to earn marbles beforehand for reducing the total monetary payment
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