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Living Together

Community experience, research, innovation, experimental learning

At our Ecovillage Laboratory, community is at the heart of the process. For Living Together Programme we offer you accommodation in stunning and artistic natural built spaces, community experience held by our dedicated project team, opportunities to learn new skills and endless ways of expressing your creativity, body and soul in nature. Our main focus is to provide an experience of living with other people in an instantaneously created and always transitioning community in a beautiful natural and artistic setting.

Who comes to this experience?

Individuals, couples or groups can join our Laboratory. Usually, people would be looking at learning skills of living in a sustainable, natural environment with other people. This encompasses many aspects from the group processes and learning together a New Culture of coexistence to the very practicalities of chopping wood and carrying water. We attract people in tune with the ideas of creativity in sensual contact with nature who are guided to experience and express their creativity, sensuality, spirituality and self-awareness. We also love to celebrate here at the Valle! We love music, celebration, dancing, cuddling, rituals and sensual spoils in the nature!

Most typically, entering the Living Together you would be interested to contribute to community daily tasks as well as any on-going projects at the site. You can freely design your days finding your own work / play balance guided by the principle of self-responsibility. What is on offer to learn or enjoy at any point depends very much on who is present in the valley. If your major aim is learning specific skills we recommend that you sign up for one of our workshops on the subject of your interest or check out if there is anybody available for teaching exchange at the time of your stay.

If your major intention is to relax during your stay please check out our Retreat / Eco-Holiday offer.

What's the cost of participation?

In the Valle we operate our internal economic system Apparatus comunitus creativus which you would become a part of. Please familiarise yourself with the Apparatus before applying and arriving.

Full-day at the valley is 48 € (standard donation) or 64 € (supportive donation). Minimum daily monetary contribution for Living Together programme is 12 € (standard donation) or 16 € (supportive donation). Your minimum daily work contribution would then be around 4.5 hours(depending on your skill set and efficiency). In case you choose to work less and relax more you can provide more monetary contribution towards the full-day costs. In the same way, if you choose to contribute more work towards the project you earn extra marbles (our local currency) for exchanges of services with others, gifts or your future stay at the Valle.

In certain cases we offer a low-budget rate, please write to us explaining your circumstances.

Below is an example of how this worked for one of our guests in terms of the costs, marbles, work contribution and their intentions for learning.

Registration and Arrival

To register for Living Together:
1) sign up for our website and create your profile sharing about yourself, your offers and what you would like to learn;
2) Go to our Event's Calendar;
3) press "I join" button of 'Living Together' for all the dates that you want to join;
3) scroll down the Calendar and press "Reserve your place" button at the end of the Calendar list;
4) fill in the application form which pops up and press "Save";
5) we will communicate with you via this website, so please check your account.

We ask for a non-refundable registration fee of 96 € (standard) or 128 € (supportive) upon booking. This covers two non-work days of your stay here (in which you can take it slow, arrive and relax) or it covers 8 days of min. donation and ~4.5h work / day.

Arrival days are Monday and Friday each week.

Living Together programme in 2017 is only available from mid-September. At the moment, we are looking for professional supporters to help us build up for the Summer. If you have the right skill set please apply here.

During the Summer of Eros Living Together is available only for people with previous experience in similar subjects and without an opportunity to exchange work. More information under Juicy Community Experience.

Kerstin Knowhow

Concentrating on the learning experience

Always present in active projects, she selects the most informative works which she complements with supplemental teachings.
Weekly: 112 € / 168 € / 224 €

Community experience, research, innovation, experimental learning