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'Open Door' Day in the Valle de Sensaciones

come, enjoy & celebrate life with us

27. Oct. 2018

We welcome you at our home "Valle de Sensaciones", known as an Ecovillage laboratory and EROS Lab for our 'Open Door' Day.

An 'Ecovillage laboratory' is a place which enables the establishment of temporary communities to provide extraordinary communal living and learning experiences. It offers the infrastructure and the framework to allow groups of people to come together for training, inter-project research, inspiration, experimentation, development and creative output.

Since summer 2017 the Eros lab got born and the main focus now of the Valle is about love and authentic sexuality.

In the Eros Lab we create a protected field of trust, truthfulness, and open and honest communication. This supports each individual, as well as the entire circle of people, to step into authentic expression and to take full responsibility for their experience, including responsibility for the arising emotions and processes.

In such an open field of permission, some common questions come into our awareness, which are essential for creating a new culture of love and authentic sexuality.

In order to live in such an intense field and to create a safe and sacred space, usually we are not an open place where you easily pass by, but participating different events during the weekend or the whole week.
For more information see here:

With the "Open Door"- event we wanna give you the possibility to explore the magic of the place, to get to know us, ask all the questions you ever wanted to ask and to spend some time with us.

14:00 doors open
15:00 guided tour of the place
17:00 Introduction of the EcoVillage & EROS Laboratory
19:00 women circle in the moon temple / sunset circle in the
medicine wheel
21:00 bonfire, music, dancing & drinks, cuddling & chill area...

Come, enjoy & celebrate life with us!

°°°overnight stay is possible (25€-40€ incl. breakfast)°°°

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Sandra Irmscher
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Isabelle Schiltz


A happening is a special moment in the community dynamics. While bringing the focus of people present and newcomers to the common magic and the possibly projected subject, it is still mainly about sharing the authenticity of the moment.

The facilitation of our happenings is light and leaves much space for flexibilities and the input of everybody present. We still share the usual community procedures, like running the household together.
The economic contribution is usually very low, that's why the happenings offer a favourable opportunity to share a special moment with us or to step into the community experience.

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