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Group process

Use the ecovillage laboratory for your group

The laboratory is a perfect place where existing groups can enter into facilitated processes.

Existing communities

One use case are existing communities in need to feature a process of transition. Challenging conflicts, reflection of old patterns, or inviting new innovative initiatives. All that can be treated in an extraordinary environment, with help of one of our experienced facilitators if desired.


Are you planing to start your own Ecovillage?
Do you have a group of people committed to do the important step toward putting your dreams into practice?
Please be aware that many many beginning projects fail because of social conflicts and missing skills. We recommend that you invest some time and money into the experiment of living closely together in a very different environment. After that you will know much better if you can identify with the group and their vision, if the combination of people is harmonic and if you are prepared enough with the needed skills and resources. Its worth taking that step before investing your capital into a common owned place and leaving your old life behind.
Our facilitators are very experienced in supporting new projects.

Work teams

A community situation can inspire your work team while generating social processes on a personal level. The life in natural and artistic environments is also an important part of the enrichment experience.

Group of friends

You simply want to have an extraordinary experience with your close friends? Hiring Valle de Sensaciones might be a wondefull way to celebrate your friendship.


We can offer a capacity of up to 25 people in summer and 15 people in winter.
Please ask for available timeslots.
The participation guidelines apply.

Use the ecovillage laboratory for your group