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Community building, project presentation and vision quest

May 27 - 31, 2019

We come together in a new circle of people and dedicate the needed time to sharing circles. Who will form the core of our community for the next cycle? What do I bring from the last Cycle, from recent group dynamics, or from outside entering the valley? What is my connection to the subject of this cycle, and my longing, my vision?
Meetings in the medicine wheel help to find a deeper connection in the circle, with the spirit of the place, and with the vision of our work. We complement this work with other group activities, co-creating a powerful common process, might it be a night at the bonfire, a nature walk, a temple night, facilitated process work, music and dancing,... . Attending the authentic dynamic between the people present.
The Ecovillage Laboratory and the Eros Lab are getting presented, with a closer look to the details, and reflections about the course the project is taking.
Joining the inmersion is required if you want to get part of the crew for the following moon cycle, but is also the perfect moment to start a longer participation in Valle de Sensaciones, and good meeting point in case you have a strong interest to collaborate with our project or event to get part of our team. We also welcome whoever likes to support this process and simply to get a deeper insight to the project.

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