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Frequently asked questions

How much money will I need for taking part?

When you join for the first tie it will be needed to dispose of a minimal ammount of marbles. Possibly you will need at leat 5 of them, which have a price of 50, 75 or 100€, but can also be archived by supporting our project (Read more here).
After that the costs will depend on how you design your participation. With an appropriate work input it will be possible to join with little money or even for free, while a reasonable economic contribution will allow you to stay without any work beyond the communal household, or to fully dedicate yourself to your own projects. Thats just your descission and we are not able to forsee.

It is possible to take part without fee (after the initial adaptation) or even to receive a pocket money. But if that is your aim you need to be conscious that you will need to dispose of the needed capacities or experience or at least to have a strong motivation of attending the needed duties in an effective way. An experiences craftman might need less than 20 hours per week for a free stay, while an unexperienced person might need quit some more time.
In case you select your activities looking for the best learning, new creative experiences or a joyfull slow process you need to be prepared to buy at least 1 or 2 marbles per day (8 to 40€ daily, see table)
If you have no interest in covering pending tasks, or in joining collective creative projects you will have to buy 3 marbles per day (24 to 60€, see table). Then you will be welcome to enjoy your stay freely or fully summerge into your own projects.
When attending workshops offered by our team or the participants, may it be sheduled or spontanuosly, you might have to make additional contributions (Read more)..
Thanks to the Apparatus comunitis creativus you will be able to select each day which way of participation suits to you.

Can I jojn without any initial contribution?

When arriving you will need to dispose of the requested minimal ammount of marbles (see the relevant event description). Usually they are bought. Still it is also possible to archieve them by supporting our project (Read more), or to get them as a leap of faith when requested beforehand (read more).

Speccial cases: Wwoofers, Workaway, Worldpackers

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