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14 years of creative wanderings

before the initiation

Previously, Achim lived for 14 years as a traveling artist, while he occasionally collaborated in various community projects and Eco-villages. Many years ago a special connection to the village of Yator occurred. Every year, Achim used to spend time in the village square. There, he produced his musical instruments and art around his circus caravan, while being observed by the mostly elderly villagers. Again and again the natives tried to motivate him to stay in the village: "We need creative people," but he never felt like ending his life as a traveler.

Until .... one day he accidentally ran into this paradise valley. Right away, he felt like the place was calling him. A week later he had bought it and moved his caravan into the shade of olive and orange trees next to the small stream winding through the valley. Achim and Sandra Morillas were apparently the first people to inhabit this maiden valley.