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Golden marbles

Buying marbles

Golden marbles can be bought here in the Valle or through the internet. One glass-beat costs from 8 to 16 €.
One golden glass-beat has depending on the financial situation of the participant a certain price. In the following table we describe 3 standards of living as orientation to identify the appropriate contribution. Please try to be realistic and honest with it. The Apparatus comunitaris creativus will later give you enough possibilities to minimize your financial contribution.

Price per marble 4 € 6 € 8 €
standart of living low budget moderate luxurious
Travel accommodations
When I travel usually I sleep...
couchsurfing or
in a backpackers hostel
in a hotel room with own bath room in a hotel with 4 or 5 stars
I usually buy...
second hand cloth cheap new cloths designer clothes
When I go out in the evenings I usually spend
up to 10€ 10 to 50€ more than 50€

According to the amount of marbles bought we add some free marbles. So the more you buy the cheaper they get.

When buying 10 20 40 80 marbles
you recieve for free: 1 3 8 20 marbles

Furthermore we give free marbles when you register early as it makes the organisation of our project easier:

registration: 1 week before 2 weeks before 4 weeks before 8 weeks before
free marbles * 1 2 3 4

* if you buy at least 5 marbles

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