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Nature marbles

Projects and tasks

A variety of tasks and projects are documented on cards that are placed on the Apparatus comunitus creativus. Participants can receive marbles through taking responsibility for one task or by helping others.

While participants are working a wheel is transporting the marbles slowly upwards. Then they run through the crazy Kugelbahn and land in ones own stock of marbles. After fulfilling a project or work step successfully the team is handing out extra marbles.
Depending on the work it takes 1 - 4 hours to receive a glass-beat. For fast carrying out of important pending works normally one gets the maximum amount of marbles, whereas activities that don´t have the focus on efficiency, but on learning or enjoying ,

There are always enough cards with tasks on the Apparatus comunitus to always have fun with the different activities. Some are interesting or creative, others just necessary.

Typical tasks und projects:
clay-building, timber construction, building, wood treatment, paint, landscaping, earthworks, garden, permaculture, burning wood, mosaic, ...
Furthermore there are according to actual projects also different possible works.

Time requirement per marble:

  • Professional: 60 - 90 min. or even less
  • Skilful help : 1,5 - 2,5 hours
  • Learning: 2 - 6 hours

  • Everything about the Apparatus comunitus creativus

    The crazy marble run that coordinates activities in Community