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Participation at the project


Every 6 hours the Apparatus comunitus creativus takes one of your marbles. Hence you need 4 marbles each day to participate at the project. Check the different ways how you could take part.

Adults and children from 16 years onwards 4 marbles daily
Children up to 15 years 2 marbles daily
Children up to 10 years 1 marble daily
Children up to 3 years Free


Also for activities you can give marbles. (Read more here)
If not agreed differently all activities are optional.

Group activities of a few hours:
Workshop, course, animation, etc.
1 marble each
From one or more participants
Whole day group activities 1 to 3 marbles
Weekend events 1 to 9 marbles
Single sessions of a few hours
Course, massage, counceling
1 to 6 marbles


Introduction into the project
If you arrive outside the official arrival time (not always possible)
1 marble
Bedclothing, each time fresh
(Duvet, sheet, cover)
(just if not provide by yourself)
1 marble (at least once a month)

Everything about the Apparatus comunitus creativus

The crazy marble run which coordinates the activities in Community