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Registration, Arrival and Leaving


For the reservation of you participation it is important to have a minimum amount of marbles, the amount differs for each event (usually 7 marbels). When you register you can buy the nessesary marbles through the internet.
The earlier you buy them the cheaper they are (this allows us to prepare activities with enough time).
It is also possible to recieve marbles beforehand through supporting the project at distance (translation of texts, publishing articles, finding participants, ..)
Here you will find more info.


When you arrive you should have payed for a minimum amount of marbles (depending on the event). If you did not pay for them you can buy them here on the place.
Find the prices here
You can introduce your marbels directly at your arrival into the Apparatus Comunitis Creativus.


If you still have a stock of marbles you have 4 possibilities. You can ...

  • ... keep it until your next participation. Then your application will be easier
  • ... give it to other participants and make their stay easier.
  • ... give them to the project to support it
  • ... recieve money for them. You get 5€ for each golden or elemental marbel.

Everything about the Apparatus comunitus creativus

The crazy marble run which coordinates activities in Community