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Participation guidelines

'El Valle de Sensaciones' is dedicated to the experimentation, development and learning of a way of life and a way of creative activity in community and in unity with nature. In order to have a legal framework, and not to enter any restricted and conditioned tourist category, this project is made up exclusively by the members of the association Valle de Sensaciones. To facilitate the participation of interested people, we offer a free membership upon arrival.

The experimental development is made on various levels, such as:

life in full contact with nature
taking full advantage of natural resources and materials
creation and use of artistic, as well as sustainable, constructions and spaces
creation and use of systems of eco-technology
living together, human communication and eros explorations
living together and cooperating with other beings

We do not offer lodging and support in the usual tourism style. If you decide to spend some nights at this place, may it be under the stars or in the artistic spaces, or if you decide to share the kitchen, toilette, or showers with us, you do that being aware of the concept of taking part consciously and willingly in a project about experimenting unusual ways of living.

Whoever is taking part in this project should be conscious that they are entering a non-conventional environment, and this requires total attention and caution on accidents and on causing any hurts to yourself or to aliens.

Each participant must take full responsibility for his stay and his deeds.
The use of any areas and buildings is at your own risk.
Parents assume full responsibility for the stay and the deeds of their children.