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Clay construction

Creative and healthy building

Clay is an amazing material.

It is a composition of mineral particles, which is offered by nature to us for a variety of uses.
From the very first contact, the material is caressing your skin. Clay has a healing power for wounds, is able of sucking infections out of the body, heals the digestive apparatus and much more.

You can get it into shape either with your hands or with some tools; in either ways it is a smooth, moldable material of great adherence. It invites us to experience our creativity, may it be doing small sculptures or artistic constructions.
Specially for the construction of houses and other bigger objects, it offers the possibility of a direct and creative modeling, more than any other construction material does.
At the same time it is an ideal ground for inner spaces, since it has excellent health and climate qualities, great mechanical resistance, very low impact on the atmosphere and a low price. With convenient techniques it is possible to build buildings of several levels which last centuries.

Creative and healthy building