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Apparatus comunitus creativus

The crazy marble run makes community

A message from the founder of the project:

... Since the beginning of our project in 2000, I am dreaming of a community life with a maximum of individual freedom, where dynamics happens in a flow and where creative people inspire each other.
It should offer temporary community experiences, where everybody forms part of one integral community, sharing honest communication. The energy exchange with people coming and going should be sustainable and allow to provide a certain living standard.
It turned out to be a very challenging goal and I am struggling since 16 years to make it real.
Nearly all like minded projects apply similar structures for getting short term participants "on track":
* Different roles in the group like volunteer, paying guest, paid worker.
* Keeping short term participants in marginal status.
* Work exchange use to have fixed working times, in contrary to a defined "free time".

In my dream there are no such things as "roles" or "working times".
Trying it without was leading to a constant frustration, as society does not teach how to keep an appropriate community focus without rigid structures.
The "community mandala", a organisational game approach I came up with in 2005, which supports flexible self organization in the household area, solved many problems.
Inspired by this success I was searching a similar tool for the community economy for years. In the last months I got the vision for it.
Actually, I am building the "Apparatus comunitus creativus", a crazy marble run which coordinates the activities and the energy exchange in a playful and flexible way. It helps to offer much more flexible ways of joining our project. Artists, low budget travellers, holiday makers, ecovillage activist,... they all will find a fertile ground for their self-development in a community context.

As the Apparatus comunitus creativus administers each individual case easily, we feel confident to abandon the previous formal procedures: No more detailed forms, no defining of individual conditions beforehand and no more membership fee. Simply click the "I join" button on the website and join!
We would love to have many of you trying out the new crazy Marble run with us.
On Monday we start with a prototype.

Best wishes,

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