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Workshops and Events

Participate in workshops and events which explore our key focus areas

Throughout the year we offer a wide range of workshops on different subjects according the the themes of the seasons as well as opportunities to join living together at this Ecovillage Laboratory project. In 2017 we are inviting for a Spring of Creativity, Summer of Eros and Autumn of Earth & Spirit. Our workshops take place in nature and range from week-long exclusive workshops to weekend workshops intertwined with our Living Together programme.

Below you will find a calendar of our workshops and events together with information on facilitators, how to register and costs involved.

For signup you need to enter our website. A simple "I join" button appears on each event as soon as you are logged in.

Spring of Creativity

Construction, permaculture and community life

March 27 - June 30, 2017

Creativity will be spread throughout the valley whilst we live in community.

March 27 - June 30 Building and Community
Full-power spring time
June 2 - 30 Creative June
Artists Residency

Summer of Eros

Tantra and Conscious Sensuality

July 2 - September 15, 2017

We invite you for two and a half months of events and living together in nature, exploring authentic connections and welcoming juicy adventures. Join week-long deep-dive trainings, weekend workshops or community living in the field of Eros throughout the whole summer.

July 2 - 9 ISTA Level 1
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience
July 10 - 16 ISTA Tribal Gathering
A week-long community co-creation for ISTA graduates
July 17 - September 17 Juicy Community Experience
Open Living Celebrating Eros in Community and Nature
August 4 - 6 Convivencia Poliamorosa Verano Del Eros
A Spanish-speaking polyamory weekend
07. Aug Fullmoon Celebration
Music, dancing and enjoying the moon
August 18 - 20 The Intimate Body
Weekend Tantric and Shamanic Circle
September 1 - 7 Conscious Sensuality - Level 1 with Robert Silber
Awareness, Sensuality and Community training

Autumn of Earth & Spirit

21. Sep. 2017
21. Sep Equinox Celebration
September 22 - 24 Wild Women Weekend
Connect to your wild feminine power

Participate in workshops and events which explore our key focus areas