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Structural design

an organisative framework for usage, tasks and contributions

The Community environment consists of different areas of which usage and desired dynamics are defined differently for each space: the Resonance hub, Valle de Sensaciones, Gecko house, and hopefully more in the future.

To join the community field it is needed to get a Member of our association, which can happen in different ways: As long-term Inhabitant, as a short-term Guest, or for the ones settling in the neighborhood by joining the Dedicated circle or the Open circle.

Each member can step into different Roles: On Lodgers, there is a limited expectation about taking responsibility, while Keepers assume the responsibility for the household and common spaces, enjoying a significant economic reduction. Hosts are taking care of guests and people newly stepping in. The Team covers basic functions based on payment or work-exchange.

An Economic Contribution is given in different levels: The Basic contribution covers the usage of the environment, the needed resources and the basic food. The Room rent is given in case you want to occupy a provided living space. The Hosting fee compensates the effort for receiving guests and is evaluated by each host.