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Tantra Massage Course

August 27 - 31, 2018

For couples and singles who are willing to work together. Beginners and advanced. No previous experience in massage or Tantra required.
We expect and teach respect of boundaries of all participants. We also want to remind you, that progress happens outside the comfort zone. Just as we are flexible and open to spontaneous change, we also welcome willingness and openness to take a step into the unknown.

Bring a sheet or a large towel and organic massage oil (coconut, almond, olive, sesame...etc).
Connection is the most important. We bring you and your partner to a state of energetic merging. If you are able to achieve that, everything will flow.
Deep healing may appear. Healing of your past, present and future. Healing of your body, heart and spirit. Healing of your feminine and masculine. Healing of other aspects of your life.
Deep sexual pleasure may occur. In tantra we welcome sexual energy. We transform it to sacred and creative power, by keeping it in, instead of releasing and losing it. We bring that energy, called ecstasy to the higher levels of our being. Example:
To the heart: you will become more loving.
To the throat: your communication will improve.
To the head: you will become more creative or more spiritual.
It's all up to you and the energy flow. You may experience ecstasy not only in your genitals but also in other parts of your body. Your life may never be the same.

Day 1:
The Mystery of Tantric Magic. Introduction to Tantric Massage course
Kashmiri Tandava Dance Massage workshop

Day 2:
Breathing in Shiva Shakti position
Short but powerful Massages

Day 3:
Four hands Massages
Tantric Massage within a relationship(s)

Day 4:
Neo Tantric Massage – Introduction
Full body woman
Full body man

Day 5:
Neo Tantric Massage – Worshipping the Yoni
Neo Tantric Massage – Worshipping the Lingam

Detailed descriptions here :


During an intensive workshop we are entering an intense process together.
The life situation is adapted to support the most intensive dedication to the common subjects.
Cooking and other household tasks are covered by our team, who serve the group during these days so everybody can fully dive into the process.

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During this event there are no work-exchange opportunities. Be aware that you would need to earn marbles beforehand for reducing the total monetary payment
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