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Long term perspectives

Joining for months, making it your optional base or even your home

You are very welcome to reserve your place for one, two, or three months and then extend your stay as long as your presence is felt as vibrating nicely with the communal dynamic. Once we created a trustful contact we are happy to reserve your place for half a year or more.
Still, the provided environment does not offer the conditions for many fully established inhabitants. If you are a perfect fit, you might end up having your definitive space in one of the already provided spaces. But most likely, if after many months with us, you are interested in fully settling, we will encourage you to rent your own apartment or to purchase one of the many houses or plots in the neighborhood (as some friends already did).

The monthly contribution is between 200 and 450 €, all extra costs and basic food supply included.
If hosting guests, getting part of our team, or organizing events here you might create an income that covers part or all of your contribution.