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Helmut Christof

Uses new and old shamanic teachings for reconnecting people and communities with them selves and with the earth. Sundragon began studying the runes when he was 12 years old. At the age of 19, he experienced the awakening of the kundalini. At 21, he initiated an Afro- Brazilian ecstasy cult in the world of African Yoruba gods. Several near-death experiences deepened his access to the spiritual world. When he was 36, a Cherokee medicine man introduced him to native-American spirituality. His vision is a planetary, inter-cultural way of connecting people back to earth. He combines old and new techniques to give an intense way to experience the seven new rites of power.

Taught at: 1. Rite of Power 2017 & Gaia Initiation 2016.


3 Jahre 'Wilde Rose' Künstlergemeinschaft. Facilitation einer einjährigen Konfliktauflösung in der Gemeinschaft


Der Gaia Weg, Heilung und Wachstum durch die Kraft der Erde