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Peter Storck

In 2008, Peter Storck followed an inner call and decided to pursue his dream to work as an artist in southern Spain. He was drawn to the mountains of Andalusia , in the "Sierra de la Contraviesa", a beautiful wine and almond area. Here he opened his studio and began a new life in which he has devoted himself entirely to his art .

The desire to create original and artistic objects with his hands, motivated him to make his sustainable and exclusive artwork.

He began by creating rustic furniture, which reflected his unique style. From the perspective of art and design, he uses only recycled wood, for example, antique doors , shutters and wine barrels.

Antique Wood has character and tells its own story, like a centuries old door that has seen the passing of many generations, shaped by the nature of life in the Alpujarras.

His inspiration and specialist knowledge breathes new life into the wood, resulting in expressive design and art objects with very special character.

The exclusive use of recycled wood is an unmistakable sign of a conscious use of the finite resources of our planet .