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Sandra Irmscher

Sandra Irmscher

"Out of the mind - into the heart - into the bliss."

My quality is staying focused in the present moment, sorting the confused minds of others and creating safe & sacred spaces in order to reflect and to grow.


I am a high-sensitive person and can feel the emotions of my environment and see the boundaries of free and easy living.

After 19 years being in the guest relation-field in different hotels and restaurants I quit and changed my life 3 years ago and concentradet on education in consciousness-coaching, meditation-trainings and energy work.

In different settings I offer to release and change the perception and the beliefs, in order to come in motion again.

After the ISTA-Festival I joined in Israel I also opened the door for bodywork and now give sessions in tantric touch and encountering-workshops.

My wish is to create spaces that people can re-connect to their heart and their own pure and amazing essence and live their life fully and authentically.

Professional experiences:

°Tantric Massage
°Conscious Sensuality Intensive, Level 1
°Art of Sacred & Healing Space and Ritual
°Art of Connection - Intensive Training
°10-days Vipassana-Retreat
°Consciousness Coaching
°Guest relation leadership

Community experiences:

° Me`ever Art Community: Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
° Havat Gan Eden Agri-Culture Community: Netanya, Israel